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Parked at 109 trailhead and headed south to intersection with Dutchmans Trail and back, about 7 miles RT.
No other cars in the parking area Saturday at 1pm. About a mile of the trail exhibits the after effects of a recent Forest fire. Interesting to see that the 2 firebreaks actually worked.
Nice mix of up and down, a few stream crossings, but enough rocked to keep toes dry. One is a log crossing; not difficult, but was giving a group of students pause. Fortunately they let me pass.
One other car in lot upon my return.

We enjoyed the hike. Significant maintenance appears to have taken place with most of the trail clear and fresh trail markings in abundance. Very early spring meant lots of extended views.

2-25-2017. My grandson and I did a short out and back section of Dutchman's Creek trail. it was our first visit to Uhwarrie and his first real trip where he carried a pack and supplies. The day was warm, too warm but the night cooled off and was very nice with a chilly morning. We enjoyed the trail and will certainly be back. We met several other hikers on the trail and enjoyed short chats with a few in passing. On our way back to the trailhead Sunday morning we passed two camps that had been broken and left.....with smoldering fires in both pits AND garbage around camp and in the fire pit. What poor stewards of such an awesome place. I definitely used those camps as teachable moments for my grandson....pack it in, pack it out and even more importantly, always make sure your fire is dead before departing camp.

nice trail. we did the trail in 2.5 hours. very well marked.

great trail to hike. I am a brand new hiker and me and my family loved it!!! We hiked it and switched to Keyauwee trail heading back to trail head. sort of creating our own 3.8 mile hike. took us newbys 2 hours. had a great time. will be going back to tey out other trails maybe do entire trail one day.

If you're expecting expansive views, forget about it. This hike is all about being in the backcountry woods, passing tree after tree after tree, and going up and down hill after hill after hill (you get the picture). Trees and small streams are nice for the first few miles, but after an unrewarding 15 miles, it gets a bit stale. It's good if you're looking for something close by or to use as a training trip. Bring good friends because hiking solo would be mind numbing on this trail.

a lot of blow downs from recent storms but the trail was clear.. heard a tree off in the distance come crashing down yesterday near nightfall. Parking lot was packed..