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The Uwharrie National Forest, in Montgomery, Davidson, and Randolph Counties, was first established as a public land by the federal government in 1931, and later named by President John F. Kennedy. It is one of the most recently amalgamated recreation areas in the National Forest System. Spanning 50,645 acres, Uwharrie National Forest is a great place to see North Carolina's creeks and rivers, like the Yadkin River and Great Pee Dee Rivers that constitute the parks western border, as well as dense forests of pine and oak. The northern border of the Forest the is defined by the Uwharries near Asheboro. Unless areas have “No Camping” signs, camping is allowed in undeveloped areas of the Uwharrie National Forest and there are also a few developed campgrounds and with lots of campsites and picnic areas, including Kings Mountain Point on Badin Lake, where there are also boating opportunities and Arrowhead Campground, which is near a boat launch, nike, horse, OHV trails and fishing. In the forest you will also find ample opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, camping, and horseback riding. Off-road vehicles have a separate OHV trail system for dirt bikes that is open seasonally.

I have done this trail many times. It’s the trail I use to take new friends that want to try out backpacking. There are multiple places to camp or you can just go off trail and set up wherever you want. In late fall I have had the trail to myself on multiple occasions. I don’t mind the lack of views as I really enjoy the solitude of “tree tunnels”. I will say that I get tired of the roots and rocks on the trails in Uwharrie. Great hammock camping trail. In mild weather the bugs are miserable, but that truly is anywhere. The gnats are not as bad as other places I’ve hiked, but if it’s mild weather, you need a little deet to save your sanity.

27 days ago

Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned. If you start this trail, DO NOT STAY ON THE YELLOW BLAZES FOREVER. You will end up off a moderate onto a hard trail. There was good water on several locations. Fire rings spread everywhere.

Again make sure you know where the trail blazes change colors.

I go with my scout troop every year. This is definitely one of our favorites. We do the 1st several miles by moonlight and camp at the top of Dennis mountain. There is almost always water in Little Island Creek less than a 1 mile walk the next morning.

This trail is great. There are a few considerations. If you plan to do this, start early so you have all day. If you pace yourself, it will be slower than you think bc of elevation changes and navigating through streams. The map is not accurate, it's about a mile longer. The Uwharrie trail side is close to 6 miles rather than 5. The Dutchman's trail portion is harder. I would say this Trail should be rated Hard rather than Moderate. It's a beautiful place. Everyone be safe and have a great time!!

really nice trail. well marked. fun hike.
not many "enchanting views" but the scenery is wonderful.

Hiked a 7 mile portion of this today. We had a blast! Two boys ages 6 and 10! Parts had us breathing heavy, we jumped over creeks, saw birds, frogs, snails, spiders, all sorts of mushrooms.

Nice trail with changing terrain.

1 month ago

Nice trail, easy to navigate. Not too hilly.

great trail. nice scenery.

2 months ago

Nice loop with about 2/3 of the distance along Badin Lake. Some up-and-down but mostly flat. Passes several campgrounds and several established primitive lakeside campsites. Well marked with white paint blazes. Well-maintained considering it receives little traffic. Overall, probably the best dayhiking loop in Uwharrie National Forest.

this is a good running trail.

Steep and rocky in places but well-maintained and clearly marked. Easy to follow with plenty of resting points. Took about 4.5 hours.

This is a pleasant hike, but it is not a true loop. Starting from the parking lot, take the Uwharrie Trail to the left side (facing away from Hwy 24). At Bunson Camp take the Kehuwahee Trail to the gravel road and the gravel road back to the parking lot. If you stay on the Uwharrie Trial you’ll go for miles without a turn back.

3 months ago

A really nice, steady trek. It’s moderate when going uphill, but not too bad because the ground will level out eventually in some parts. You’ll see signs of past campers and watch out for snakes.

4 months ago

Great hike for exercise. I would wait for lake season to end to do it again. Did not like hiking through occupied campsites on lake. You hear lots of noise from cars, boats and jetskis.

4 months ago

My feet hurt!!!!

A lot of great trail options as well as spots for camping not far from parking locations.

I took the Uwharrie trail to Yates Place them looped back on Dutchman's creek trail. The trails are well marked throughout. There is a variety of terrain on the trails from pine forest to very rocky trails. There are lots of streams that intersect the trails as well as some camping areas.

Mostly a road trail. Took the Dutchman’s creek trail about 3-4 miles in, it connects to super tree at a lot of points, I thought it was a better trail.

Nice trail and great loop by lake and in woods. Only downside is litter by lake side of trail.

Worthless unless you pay for the subscription. Will be deleted after this post.

5 months ago

Did a short hike on the southern portion of the trail but going back for an overnight backpacking trip. Trail was marked well. Nice elevation change, not too drastic. Lots of great areas for camping. Went on a Saturday morning and was on the trail for about four hours. Ran in to trail runners every 20-30 min. Not too crowded. Had a great time with my wife, 5-year old and dog.

I’ve never given a 2-star trail review before, but you will not miss much if you skip the Uwaharrie trail loop. If it’s summer and you aren’t wearing long pants, long sleeves, and coated in permethrin or deet; you may want to find another trail.

There is nothing to see other than variation in the composition and maturity of the forest as you pass through areas that were burned and/or timbered. There are no overlooks or rock formations. About a mile of the trail borders private property which has ‘No Trespassing’ signs stapled to nearly every tree - sometimes 2 or 3 signs on the same tree. That is arguably the most exciting feature of the 9.5-mile hike.

The trail follows a creek which does not flow in the summer. The standing water is a haven for mosquitoes and the elevation of the trail is low enough that wind is blocked. I was literally swatting at mosquitos the entire hike. A couple sections of the trail are over-grown with poison ivy and brush. Watch what you touch and keep an eye out for Lone Star ticks.

If you are planning on camping (hopefully not in the summer), please be aware that the campgrounds are all less than 30 feet off the trail. In some cases, the trail runs through campground.

The trail may be okay from October to March when the water is flowing in the creek bed mosquitoes are less of an issue. However, there are better trails in the Charolette area. Crowder’s Mountain has far more to offer even in summer: well maintained, great views, no standing water with mosquitoes, nice breeze along the ridges, etc.

Cool in the heat, the trail has multiple water sources and some great back country campsites. There's more elevation gain than I originally thought. Great trip, I'll likely do it again.

5 months ago

It's a nice trail with good views of the lake. It is very easy to follow with the exception of the area near the boat ramp (you have to cross a large parking lot to pick the trail back up). The major drawback to this trail was the trash. There are campsites along the lake and many had been trashed over the weekend. There were beer cans everywhere and one group appeared to have put a whole camping chair in the fire and left it. Personally I think things like that take away from the experience, but overall it was still a decent hike.

6 months ago

Really nice hike - well marked except at the Cove Boat Ramp. We exited the woods and wandered around trying to find the rest of the trail. We eventually did though - took about 2 1/2 hours. Pretty and very few people on it. Unfortunately there is some litter near the trailheads which spoiled the hike a little for me.

Sign posted, trail until further notice.

Kind of a boring hike, lots of geckos and snakes. smelled very good!

7 months ago

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