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I usually hike mountains. For views and exercise. But I completed this hike yesterday. Very quite and wet from rain previous days. I enjoyed the hike. Did about 11 miles. Lots of big trees down throughout the hike.
Trail was easy to follow. Some issues around river crossings but not that hard if you took a minute to look around.
Will do some of this area in the future. .Only an hour from Charlotte. Where my kids live...

15 days ago

First time hiking the trail. My GF and I wanted to do something close but longer than her normal walk around the local reservoir. We took the dog and she normally is tired after 2 miles but she did really well. We hiked about 3/4s of the trail before turning around. We plan to go back and hike the whole trail again. For the most part the trail is clearly marked. There is one spot towards the beginning of the trail where the bridge is down and doesn't span the chasm. There are some tree limbs that are sturdy enough to walk across but you have to be careful. I team of about 4 should go and fix the bridge though. Other than that we saw some turtles and the rapids from the stream was soothing.

This map does not include the actual Woodrun Trail. But it is a great loop.

1 month ago

Did the full loop but there are many chances to make the trip longer or shorter. Went backpacking and while the steep parts can be very tiring it was a great trail. Camping was nice as there are many spots to stay at.

2 months ago

Nice trail with lots of streams to get water. It is well marked but around the streams there are numerous paths made by campers that can lead you down the wrong trail if you are not careful.

We hike this trail often mainly because we live just a few miles from the Roy Maness end. We love this trail for the many diversities it offers. If you only have time for a loop around city lake or take in the whole trail you will find it enjoyable. Nice mt bike trail if you like to bike as well. Happy hiking.

2nd time doing a full thru-hike of the completed 19.4 mile section. Parked one car at Jumping Off Rock Trailhead and started at the 24/27 Trailhead.
First 6 miles or so we're very wet, lots of stream crossings, but only had one noticable extended uphill. Made it to Hwy 109 trailhead (mile 11) in 5 hours. Continued to the only real bridge near the turnoff for West Morris Mountain Campground. Spent the night next to the river
Next day had several of the larger uphill sections, hiked the remaining 6 miles in about 3 hours.
Good hike, no real overlooks, but probably do it again the the fall when the leaves are changing