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love this hike, beautiful park

Loved this hike, highly suggest seeing the falls last.

We did today and we loved it. Is a moderate trail but my daughter of 7 yrs old finished it. We took some time at the summit and at the wolf rock and treated ourselves with the amazing waterfall. Highly recommended but if going with kids please know what your kiddos are capable to do.

Great trail. The hike from the lower lot to the summit is very strenuous, but not very long, the hike from upper lot to the summit is much more gradual. There are many variations of this trail you can do to make it easier as well.

Really enjoyed this trail- you get to see the falls (and can take a short detour for Middle/Lower Falls) as well get a beautiful view from the summit! Following suggestions, I started at the Upper Lot trailhead & followed the trail in the direction for the falls. I took the Middle & Lower falls detour (about a 1 mile, 1-way trail), but didn't make it to the Lower Falls as the trail crossed a creek that was too wide/deep to just cross through. There were some rocks that could potentially be used to cross, but I didn't have faith in my limited athletic abilities. Continued on the Loop trail to the summit, which had a short but very steep climb to the top. I personally find it easier to go uphill with stairs, rather than just continuous switchbacks, so going this way made the climb up a little easier.

Very East Trail

Excellent views from the top.

Fellow fat people and/or beginning hikers, please read! I went insane sometime this week and decided I would do the entire loop. Second hike of the year. Got up early, was in the park at 8:03, hit the trail shortly after that, parking in the Upper Lot. At the fireplace on the trail, you can go either left or right. Left takes you past Stone Mountain Falls and down something like 300 stairs. Right takes you up to the summit using what felt like a thousand switchbacks but was really probably closer to ten. I went right because I wanted to get to the summit when it was empty. Met one hiker coming down (who was easily in his 60’s and recovering from a recent surgery and STILL whooping my butt) but mostly empty until after the summit. The summit is gorgeous. I enjoyed the view and the breeze for quite some time, until the buzzards started to notice I wasn’t moving much. Once the orange circles on the trees run out, start looking for them on the ground to follow the trail around and down a bazillion steps and some steep grades that, luckily, someone put a guide rail up for me to cling to with all my strength. I met a Boy Scout troop on the way down, who were also acting as if climbing a mountain isn’t a big deal. Punks. Once you make it down and cross the road, the trail leads you to the Homestead at the base of the mountain. All of the old buildings have a little display to talk about how they were used and the people who used them. Very interesting. There is a water fountain here. Back on the trail, it starts to smooth out and you can start to make up some time and get your heart rate back under control. I took a side trip down the Lower and Middle Falls trail (blue circle), which was also pretty incredible. Back on the main trail, you’ll walk past a bunch of waterfalls until you see the steps that lead up to the base of Stone Mountain Falls. HERE IS WHERE IT GETS IMPORTANT. Fellow fat people and/or beginning hikers- if you have beaten the odds and accomplished climbing the mountain and checking out the homestead and the waterfalls, you now have 305 (or so) stairs to climb UP. I (athletically speaking) was not ready for this hike. I did it. It was phenomenal. And I’d do it again. But I gotta hit the gym for some conditioning first. After I ice my knee, anyway. Bottom line- awesome hike with great views and a real sense of accomplishment when it’s over. I’ve never been so happy to see my car. Trails are well marked. Take water, and a camera, and some patience. Hike your own hike- don’t try to compete with the super athletic people (and their dogs) that you might see on the trails. Or the Boy Scouts. Or the outpatients.

I just moved to NC from Ohio where we don’t have these opportunities, and it took us about 4 hours with breaks of course. We took our pups and it was absolutely beautiful and worth every flight of stairs we had to take lol DEFINITELY RECOMMEND. (Maybe not for beginner hikers)

1 month ago

TL;DR: Great hike, amazing views.
This was a fantastic hike! As a previous reviewer noted, the entire loop trail is now open. On that note, it is awe-inspiring to see the damage done by powerful storms from last October, you can really see the trail of damage where trees have been snapped all over the place.
I started at the upper parking lot, and started the loop headed to the left, away from the summit. You quickly come up on the falls, and it is quite beautiful against a distant mountain backdrop. There are a lot of stairs in this area for a quick descent into the woods, and the trail follows a stream for a good bit. I took a detour in this area to go down the Lower and Middle Falls Trail (out and back) which was nice, but there are two stream crossings that require rock hopping to get across, and I did get my feet wet! Back on the Stone Mountain Loop Trail, I quickly reached the Hutchinson Homestead area, which has great views of Stone Mountain and its own little trail. Looked like there was an area for rock climbing at the base of Stone Mountain that could be accessed from the open field area here. From here, I decided to branch out and make an extra loop by taking the Cedar Rock and Wolf Rock Trails, and boy am I glad I did! Both Cedar Rock and Wolf Rock offer tremendous views of the surrounding mountains, and were high points on my trip. Wolf Rock trail rejoins Stone Mountain Loop trail and quickly descends back towards the lower parking lot area, before turning towards the summit. From there it was a fairly quick but strenuous hike up to the summit, with seemingly endless stairs and a few steep rock faces. But you are rewarded with an enormous area of bare rock with near 180 degree views of the mountains around you. It's a great place to sit or lie down on the rock, have a snack, and take it all in. Cedar Rock can be seen from here as well. It turned out this first area, though impressive, wasn't the actual summit. A short hike and some additional steps later, and I was at the actual summit, a similarly impressive setting. From there the trail slowly meanders back down, passing through a few more open rock areas with neat views.
Adding on the Falls, Cedar Rock, and Wolf Rock trails increased the loop length by about three miles, but it was definitely worth it. There were more mucky, muddy areas along this trail than most trails I've been on in State Parks, but not too bad. My only trouble was that I was recording the hike with the AllTrails app, and there was no service at all which seemed to effect the tracking accuracy of the recording.

The entire loop trail is open.

The trails and views where great!!! Took about an 1.5 hrs to hike to the summit and back! There are 3 parts of the Stone Mountain loop trail that are still closed from the October storm! It was a bummer we didn't get to do the entire loop but all in all a great trip!

Great place to hike in and camp the night. My Daughter and I went there , had a great time. We also took MST to Devils Garden Overlook but be warned that at time we hiked it All Trail Classification is wrong. Devil Garden Overlook is an advance trail not moderate.

on Cedar Rock Trail

3 months ago

You get nice views of Stone Mountain on this trail. Not a hard trail. Be sure to follow red blazes across Cedar Rock to find the other part of the trail. The one part of this trail that confused me was the end. I had a map that I was also going by. Once I reached the homestead there were no more red blazes. I continued down the gravel road until I ran into the Stone Mountain Loop Trail that led back to the lower parking lot. If this is the indeed correct way of doing this trail it would be nice to continue with the red blazes down to where you pick up the Stone Mountain Loop trail, which is blazed in orange. I could of done it wrong, I don't know. lol Just going by the map.

Stone Mtn Loop trail is under repairs. Storms damaged the wooden steps by the falls. You cannot hike this trail as a loop until the steps are repaired. The out-n-back hike between the Upper Lot and the summit is just as nice but the experience is not as enjoyable as when you can hike the whole loop around. There were no signs posted to warn hikers of the trail closure.

Nice views of Stone Mountain.

Perhaps we missed it. But we could not find the lower falls. Just ended up on a horse trail.

My wife and I really enjoyed this Trail. We didn’t get to summit as we were first timers and didn’t know where the trail was closed. The main reason I’m writing this review is to let everyone know that the trail is still closed just above the the lower/middle trail head, where the long, wooden staircase is located. Next to the cascading falls. We had planned to take the long way around the loop and finish with the summit.

We enjoyed the lower half with the homestead as we chose to park at the lower lot and start off on the wolf rock trail.

Part of the trail is closed for storm clean up. It should be reopened soon. Open portion is Upper Parking Lot to the summit. Out and Back.
I would say that portion is Moderate and not Hard. It looks like there was an older route that was straight up the mt. That I can see why it was labeled as Hard/Strenuous. There is a new route that has switch backs to the top. Therefore the mileage may be off too.

Awesome. Defiantly can be strenuous for some. Me and a bro both young males hiked it with no issues yesterday. Windy and cold so dress appropriately. Trail also crosses a cool little homestead. Water fall and rock out cropping of stone mountain where great. Want to go back and hike wolf rock trail.

As other posters have mentioned, part of this loop is closed right now. We ended up doing a bit of this trail, then up and back to the top of the mountain. I believe we got there around 11:30 or so and clocked about 10 miles overall, departing around 3:30. The views at the top of the mountain are great and even on a Saturday, there weren't a ton of people out. I was looking forward to doing the stair portion of this loop, but again, that area was closed. Hopefully it will reopen soon!

Great views at the top and of a waterfall. A lot of uphill hiking, so wouldn’t recommend taking small dogs. Some of the trail is damaged right now, but not hard to work around, just wear good grip hiking boots.

We usually hike out to Stone Mountain, then head back rather than doing the full loop. The part of the loop below the mountain is meh. If you're headed to Stone Mountain, I'd recommend the Wolf Rock/Cedar Rock Loop instead, plus maybe an out-and-back to the top of Stone Mountain.

6 months ago

Great trail- views are stunning though the trail is currently only 90% open. So, you add a lot to the distance, but if you start at the lower parking lot, the distance added is downhill. (Which is still challenging!) Pretty waterfall view and the summit is really wonderful.

trail running
7 months ago

A good trail, lots of roots so watch out. The views were wonderful

love it!

Outstanding views of the summit make the elevation change worth taking on this trail. This trail is not a one trick pony though. The falls are a treat and the homestead is an historical gem.
Part of the trail was closed when we hiked it so we had to do some back-tracking to see everything. Again, it was worth the effort.
If you are limited on time and only want to go to the Summit, park in the Upper Lot. If you only want to go to the Homestead and the Falls, park in the lower Lot.

Used to hike this trail often when I lived in NC. Very nice views at the top.

Easy hike, beautiful.

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