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Nestled deep in the woods, South Mountains State Park is the perfect place to enjoy nature. Here you can see a majestic mountain range peeking out from the gently rolling landscape of the piedmont. The park includes elevations up to 3,000 feet, a waterfall dropping 80 feet and more than 40 miles of trails. From equestrian camping to trout fishing, mountain biking to picnicking, a number of activities are available at South Mountains State Park. Visit one of the state's most rugged parks. Hike the trail to High Shoals Falls to witness the roar of the waterfall as it pours into a large pool. Backpack through the woodlands for primitive camping. Fish for trout in miles of mountain streams, or bicycle along the 17-mile mountain-bike loop.

great safe trail even in the rain

17 days ago

We did Chestnut Knob, followed by Sawtooth , Upper CCC , and Little River Trail. A total of about 7.9 miles with over 1,400 ft elevation. Great workout for the day!

Great challenging day hike.

This trail was hard, but rewarding, the steps going up to the top of the Mountains are very very steep. We done a Half Marathon Trail Race here January 6th, 2018. Great place beautiful Waterfall.

Loved this trail. Many things to see and take in. I cannot wait to plan more trips to the other trails around.

Great hike. We were the only ones on the trail all day. Some areas I would rate higher than a moderate trail. It should be noted that it is a 1.2 walk to get to trailhead and then 1.2 back out so it ends up being closer to 9 miles. Will do it again!

Great hike. Some of the waters along the falls and creek were still frozen which made it quite beautiful. Started at 9am and only saw a couple other hikers. Very quiet and peaceful.

If you're itching to come to South Mountains, but it recently rained a good bit, there aren't any significant water paths to hinder this hike, as are often experienced on other trails. I took this hike for that reason, plus my knee was giving me trouble (so I didn't feel like I was up to doing the other trails). There's a good view at about 0.5 miles in.

Great work out, lack luster views.

Heavy traffic. Well defined traik

Great trail! Everything is currently frozen making for an amazing hike!

Loved this trail. The falls were beautiful with ice. As others have said, lots of stairs going along the High Shoals Falls Trail.

Beautiful in the snow!

2 months ago

Accessed Chestnut Knob from the Sawtooth trail, so I was already near the top when I got on it. The view from the overlook was okay. Not too many spots to go to at the top. Took this trail down to the High Shoals Falls Loop.

Pretty strenuous to the top. Probably 150-200 steps to go up. Nice waterfall. Good views of the Jacob Fork River and surrounding mountainside. Descent from the other side of the loop is a little steep.

Pretty easy. There is a lot of horse shite on some of the trails since horses are allowed on them. Started at this trail and hiked about 11 miles total.

Did this hike today, a few days after the first snow. It was my first snow hike and it was the most beautiful experience. Even though the first snow was about 3 days ago, it all looked fresh and it was such a treat. The trail itself was not bad... even with the ice and snow. It was a quite slippery with the ice.... so if you are going during winter, make sure you have hiking boots.
The waterfalls were beautiful and it wasn't too busy.

2 months ago

2 months ago

Excellent hike, ok views at the end.

We extended the trail and did 10 miles within the park. A great day!

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