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pretty much straight up. great views.

18 days ago

What a great place to be, working bald to bald. The knobs allow 360 degree vistas on clear days, magical.

Entire Art Loeb trail/ Shining Rock Wilderness is magical.

Such a great out n back! Highly suggest to backpackers looking for a good 1-2 nights.

20 days ago

i haven't done this trail in years but it was a childhood favorite of mine. Shining rock was one to the more memorable hikes I have as a young teenager.

21 days ago

One of the most beautiful areas in the southeast

One of my favorite hikes on the entire East coast. Coming from the Adirondacks I am use to dense rough forests and jagged trails. Hiking from a forest at this elevation to peaking on top of balds made it especially special. Can't wait to return this summer and make a weekend out of this place.

Amazing Hike. Some of the best views I have seen on the Blue Ridge. Easy Hike In and Out

The wind was ripping up here today. It was sunny and in the low 30's. Amazing vistas from bald to bald. One of my most enjoyable hikes in a long time. I'm adding pics as well, Happy Trails!!!

Just gorgeous! Great trail for doggies. 360 degree views of the mountains at some points.

1 month ago

Done this trail a few times from Davidson River Campground in Pisgah, up over the Parkway and into Shining Rock Wilderness to Camp Daniel Boone.
One of my favorites in the area for sure. Also a nice addition to cut down the Parkway following the road to Sam Knob and then connecting back to the bald via Art Loeb spur trail.

1 month ago

The best!

Shining creek trail is a great trail following the river the entire way up the mountain. lots of little falls and good pictures.