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If you want a 360-degree view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this is a great hike....and you don't have to go too far or work too hard to get it! We only walked about a mile and we had spectacular views. I do think if you wanted to go farther, you should have a compass and a map as this is a wilderness area and signage is minimal. But it is lovely!

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I train here. It's a bit tricky up top because the trails diverge a lot, you need to climb shining rock. It's in the forest clearing right before hitting old butt trail. You can take flower gap trail and that'll lead straight to shining rock and cold mountain. Yeah, seldom you see bears and rattlesnakes but they're there during Summer. In the Summer, flower gap can be really overgrown.

10 days ago

Very rewarding but challenging hike! Started our hike in the afternoon and got to the top of shining rock at Sunset! Then we headed back and camped at the base of the trail. Would not recommend starting in the afternoon like we did as we did not get back to our camp till the early morning hours (but totally worth it) Easy to get lost so make sure you have a map or someone who is familiar with the trail with you!

15 days ago

Awesome trail with great views. Must be spectacular in the fall.

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Great trail. The forest isn't thick and the scenery is beautiful! I was amazed at how big the trees were when you get up in elevation. We got lost and the trip turned into a 16 mile trek, but we were having fun and I don't think many people go down one of the other trails by accident.
We created a new campsite along the trail to make up for the 4 mile gap between camping areas.
I hike a lot and have good stability, but I fell twice on the wet mossy rocks, sucked, but still a great hike!

Not a hard trail, but the vistas are stunning! You start in the shady balsam forest and gradually go uphill into an opening and continue to gradually climb to the top where you can see 380 degrees! I felt like I was in The Sound Of Music!

Good hike for the entire family - ages 3 thru 69. Went on a Tuesday to avoid the crowds. Views from the top were spectacular, despite a bit of summer haze. Beware a few spots with large exposed rock that must be climbed, tricky footing for some people in our group. Planning to come back to this spot again with my wife to continue on the ALT to Tennent Mtn and Ivester Gap.

Fun and very technical trail! Ran it on parts that were runnable and prayed not to fall on the parts that were technical. Lots of beautiful scenery and a lot of wildflowers and berries closer to the summit. Completed in about 5:05