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We didnt do the full trail. But great place to see some cute creeks, streams and swimming holes in the summer. Also great place to see leaves.

This trail was my favorite in the Blue Ridge. You can keep going for a day if you really wanted to. You hike from peak to peak over looking graveyard fields. Great hike to see mountains and the leaves.

Great hike with a great payoff on top of Tennant Mountain. The views offer shining rock to the west, looking glass to the east and everything in between. Great day hike. Highly suggested. If you want to change the perspective up a little take the Art Lobe out to Tennant Mountain and the graveyard ridge trail to the mountain to sea trail back to the trail head. Some waterfalls and views of the graveyard flats on this route. There is a little more elevation gain on this route on the way back to the trail head.

Holy Smokey Mountains! I know balds are usually known for their amazing 360 degree views, but this place was stunning in the dense fog. I bet I wouldn't even recognize it if I went back on a clear day. It made for fantastic pictures and a crisp hike. Loved seeing everyone and their puppies just grinning ear to ear. Don't pass this one up!

Easy trail with panoramic views!

Just stumbled on this site and wanted to relate a story I've had online for some years about a dog who helped me home along this very strenuous, very rewarding trail. 15 years ago we didn't have Internet resources so I picked this particular weekend's adventure not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. It was quite the adventure and definitely one for the books.