These were the best views out of any hike we have ever done in hot springs. You are able to overlook the entire town from one of the lookouts. It was incredible! We will definitely be doing this one again.

Beautiful views would definitely do it again. But the directions on the sign in hot springs are the worst. The left at the "T-intersection" is not a T at all (it's more of a Y? Looks like you're turning into a neighborhood then turns to gravel where you park), and there's no road sign saying silvermine rd. Matter of fact there wasn't a single road sign we were told to look for. Or a brown trailhead sign. It was super frustrating especially not having cell service to map it. Maybe I'm spoiled living in TN where everything is so well marked. But by the time we found the trail head we just wanted to get the hike over with to get back for lunch so we rushed through a lot :/ the visitors center didn't open until 10, which is where we were going to stop for directions and suggestions on hikes but didn't want to get our day started that late in the heat.

Love this trail! Awesome views of the French Broad and Hot Springs. Very few people on it when I went but it would only take a few more for it to be crowded and views be blocked, so I'd suggest hitting the trail early if you hate crowds like I do. ;)

This is a nice hike. This will take you back to Hot Springs at Lovers Leap or you can go to Silvermine where there is a creek

1 month ago

2 months ago

Hiked it about a month ago with our two Siberian Huskies. Didn't find it to be as hard as the rating especially since one of our dogs (10 years old and multiple leg surgeries) had no problem with climb. Gorgeous views at the top.

Took the Roundtop Ridge trail from Reservoir Rd to just a short section on the AT, to the trail up to the Rich Mountain Fire Tower - about a 7 mile hike excluding the walk from town. The trail was fantastic, and the view from the tower was amazing. Everything at the top was covered in ice, even though the temp in Hot Springs that day was in upper 40s/low 50s. It was incredibly beautiful. Also secluded - we met no one on the trail. A very rewarding hike.

This trail has no views, but it's a good walk in the woods, with some uphill intervals that make for a decent workout.

4 months ago

Hiked this backwards the first time, coming up counter-clockwise, then taking the AT to the Pump Gap Loop back to Silvermine Rd, then up Lover's Leap clockwise. Lover's Leap is not long enough to qualify as hard at all. It is steep, but takes only 15-20 minutes to climb. Trail was very enjoyable though, with lovely overlooks of Hot Springs and the French Broad. Combined with other trails in the area, it made for a fulfilling day hike.

Beautiful views. Moderate trail

Fun to hike and beautiful at the top definitely worth hiking