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This has everything you need for a great day / hike. Plenty of canopy cover, wide paths, good elevation for cardio, streams for your pet to drink, awesome scenery and the sound of birds and water. I highly recommend this for family outings although going alone is great too.

This was my first time to Raven Rock, Hiked to the falls, I'm a little out of shape but have done a good out of hiking in the past. I did a little bit more than just the loop and was about 5.2 miles right at 2 hrs with a few stops. Great hike if you want to get out there and see what this state has to offer but don't want to spend all day hiking. A few inclines in there but nothing very steep.

1 month ago

Lovely rocks!

2 months ago

Beautiful! Easy trail a bit harder for younger kids but works out because at the end there is a place to jump into the river. If you are looking for some fitness and fun for the summer time this is perfect and if you are just looking to get some good cardio in or nature appreciation then this is perfect.

Great trail and view!

Great day hike and good to start conditioning. It’s just a little out in the middle of no where.

trail running
3 months ago

Great place for a run alone or in a group. Beautiful area and fun for any hiker.

4 months ago

I took my 6 year old son with me to do this trail and we had an absolute blast. There was still snow on the ground so it wasn't crowded like usual and made for a very peaceful hike.

Absolutely beautiful trail to hike with your dog! Definitely a moderate trail with a few small inclines.

Very clean and nice park. Well maintained and friendly park rangers.

It was a nice walk because we were short on time, but we didn’t feel there was much of interest. We’re returning to Raven Rock to try some of the longer trails that take you past more interesting natural features - like the Cape Fear River.

we love it here!! VERY BEAUTIFUL!!

5 months ago

Good trail, just a ton of people. In our experience, If you want to “take it easy” you feel rush or pushed by a group constantly coming up behind you. Not super great when you kids that stop every 5 ft to look at a rock.
Raven Rock was great and the overlook was great, just s lot of people constantly.

We love this trail and have been here multiple times. The creek is beautiful year round. Totally worth the 40 minute drive from Holly Springs. :)

Neat trail. First 2.5ish miles follows the creek bed. Some beautiful rock formations and scenic views of the creek. The apex of the loop is where the creek meets Cape Fear River. We brought collapsible rods with us and did some (unsuccessful) fishing. The view was gorgeous. It started to get dark so we headed back. The way back was not particularly thrilling but there were some nice bushes and canopies. Overall, an enjoyable hiking and fishing trip with the dog.

We got so lost and stuck there in the dark. The waterfall was pretty disappointing, like 2 ft high at most, but still beautiful. We took our shoes of and walked through it. It's quieter than the other trails at Raven Rock and is all natural terrain. It was definitely an adventure.

6 months ago

Love this trail, however there can be a lot of people there on weekends. A lot of joggers frequent it. Lots of slopes and stairs down to the river bed that will wear you out on your way back up. The scenery is beautiful. I love going past the end of the trail and exploring under the rocks at the river bed.

6 months ago

The trails are absolutely gorgeous and easy to follow. 10/10

6 months ago

Don't miss this one!! I hiked this amazing trail at the peak of fall colors and was awestruck! Finding solitude was a challenge, but don't let that discourage you; the variety of scenery was breathtaking!! Even with the climb back up the stairs from Raven Rock, this trail was fairly easy and well worth revisiting!

6 months ago

Good view of the river, the raven rock, and the river locks. A bit too many people but a nice location with many trails.

7 months ago

Really nice trail with an overlook and river access. My 7 year old son and I did it and had great time. There is a 120 step stairs that's pretty steep and leads to the river.

trail running
7 months ago

Great trail for trail running. Add in the stairs down to the rocks and then climb back up for a great addition to you run workout. Beautiful park!

Easy little trail. There are tons of people on the trail, but it's still great for an easy hike with an ok overlook. Good to hike with a pup.

we kayak the cape fear alot !! so much fun!!

8 months ago

Really pretty area. Lots of people on the weekend. I bet it would be great on a week day in the morning on a crisp fall day!

First time on any of the ravenrock trails. This trail is approximately 3 miles to the waterfall and 3 miles back. There are a lot of up hill and down hill stretches. Lots of roots sticking out of the ground and rock covering the trails. I wore walking shoes but would highly recommend hiking boots for ankle support. There are no trashcans/watering stations/or benches throughout the trail so bring plenty of water and snacks. The "waterfall" at the end of the trail was underwhelming. Only a couple feet tall. I did enjoy the trail overall. Didn't see any wildlife. Bring plenty of water.

Great hike. Would be even more beautiful in the fall and winter. Offers a wonderful mix of lake, woods, and streams.

Very well marked. Don't miss the Jocassee Visitor Center at the trail head. Valuable maps and brochures on this feature rich area.

trail running
9 months ago

Getting to the Trailhead: The TH is not in the main Raven Rock State Park. It is another 30mins drive from there. River Road starts as paved road but the last .6 miles to the TH, it becomes gravel.
West Loop: I did both loops and started with the West Loop. It's a bit more rocky, hence, less runnable than the East loop. There are muddy sections which you can just skirt around. Water crossing is neglible as the level is very low. When you exit to River Road, turn right, walk for a minute, and on your right is a marker to re-enter the West Loop trail. This parallels the road and is about half a mile to the parking lot. I did not see any horses but lots of horse poop on the trail. Really enjoyed the peace and quiet as I was the only one on the trail.

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