Portions are steep but a great waterfall at the bottom. Pack in a lunch (Cary it back out), sit and enjoy the cool water and breeze. I good workout

for the record High falls trail at Ralph J. Andrew's recreation park is located on pine creek rd in Glendale, North Carolina not Salem, South Carolina. This is the opposite entrance to the falls from High Falls trail. shorter out and back from this end.

This is a great workout - the way up really gets your heart rate going :) Trail is well maintained. Waterfalls are truly beautiful.

Awesome hike. Had an eight year old, six year old and a dog. Fun hike but lots of stairs on the way back up!

This is a can't miss, but be ready to put in the work. Take snacks, water, and swim gear then plan to stay a bit. This fall is one of the best I've seen.

Beautiful falls. Very steep elevation over short distance. Please be in decent shape to enjoy this.

Fantastic waterfall, but kind of brutal hike back up to the top. It is a short hike, but the rocks on the way down are mighty slippery, so watch your step!

Incredible waterfall at the bottom of this descending trail. Among the best I’ve seen in Lake Glenville area. Steep climb out out, but well worth it!

great trail. 100% worth the walk to the bottom. found a great spot to set up my eno for an hour and hang out and listen to the falls. great trip.

Great trail to start a week of hiking with. My dogs loved it and we all climbed on rocks and did our own little adventure when we got down to the falls. A warning the climb back up all up hill is a workout.. one needs to be in shape.

A beautiful, short, and difficult, out and back trail located at the Pines Recreation Area. You park in a well-marked area with restrooms and a seasonal man-made beach. The trail starts directly across the parking lot. For the most part, it begins with a decent down to the waterfall. The hike is difficult due to the 500+ elevation change in the short distance and rocky trail. We did this hike with my 5 year old who loved it, she has experience hiking. You should be in halfway decent shape for this hike but it is reasonable for anyone who wants to attempt it. You just may need to take a few breaks. We will definitely be doing this one again in the summer or fall. Our winter trip added to the difficulty as many of the rocks were covered in ice making it a bit more treacherous.

Friday, November 03, 2017