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Great single track in most spots especially after the long climb up Pinnacle road. I missed a couple of turns, some areas lacked markers. Overall, awesome ride.

16 days ago

Calling this afternoon’s slow amble around Pine Tree Loop a hike would be an exaggeration of that word. It was a walk in the woods. The loop really is a slowly falling and rising bike trail.

So save this one for a rainy day. Literally.

Indeed, cool rainy sunsets might be invitations to slowly sip bourbon on the patio, but everyone should keep a local forest walk or three for warm rainy afternoons like today’s. It’s okay: get wet. Your clothes will dry after you replenish your soul.

Walk slowly, look around, and stop frequently to listen to the symphony of water. The white patter of raindrops on the canopy, the occasional and inconsistent drips from laden leaves, the burbles and gurgles and swishes of creeks dancing.

Today I had the trail to myself except for some birds and squirrels, and I watched a fox play in a puddle and deer sip from a low bank.

And then, amid the green ripples under the changing percussions of falling drizzle, an older tree noisily added some twenty degrees to its ongoing topple. I’d swear that I heard a few wood nymphs cheer a life well- and long-lived and celebrate the many potentials of the new chapter in the resulting clearing.

18 days ago

Lightly traveled trail on the day I was there. Not a trail for sight seeing of vistas but the beauty of the trail and tree canopy is fantastic.

1 month ago

This is a nice, shaded and easy trail to hike. It was not highly trafficked on a Sunday afternoon, and only a handful of bikers passed us. We accidentally came very close to a bear with cubs on the trail about half way, and were forced to turn back the way we came. The Ranger later told us that there is a bear den very close to the trail, so be on the lookout if you decide to hike here. Make sure you know what to do if you encounter bears on a hike! The National Park Service seems like a good source.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I am posting because there are some conflicting reports on the rating and characterization of this section of trail - specifically on MTB Project. I got caught WAY off guard on series of rock drops on a fast down-hill section. The good news is that I really only injured my pride. The bad news is that I went face first down the trail after blasting into a series of drops with too much speed on a XC bike. The first few hundred yards is fast and flowy but there is series of small boulders and drops mid-hill and you need to brake well in advance. In any case, don’t be deceived by the top part of the trail and reviewers that talk about this being a ‘flowy’ trail. It’s rocky - period. In some sections, you’re going through gnar regardless of your line. I would not classify it as highly technical but it is certainly not a XC trail.

Great little trail segment.

Great trail, look forward to doing it again.

2 months ago

Fairly heavy traffic when I was out, so don't plan on escaping into natural solitary. Overall a fun hike on the strenuous end of moderate thanks to some steep climbs and scrabbling. I would recommend proper footwear for maximum enjoyment and safety, on a wet day like today I was grateful for the tread.

Great forest area with mixed use trails (walk, bike, hike, run)

2 months ago

Thank you thank you Eileen for your review
I don’t know if we would have found it if it were not for your detailed instructions

We enjoyed this trail
Our last day in Asheville
It rained all day
But wanted to get one more hike in this pm
Perfect after heavy rain

Half the trail is pea gravel. The other half is over rocks and stumps. It’s intense. Good ride.

mountain biking
2 months ago

The area is nice for mountain biking. There’s quite a network of trails, some harder than others. Good for a day of riding when DuPont is not an option.

This trail never gets old. Within the last twenty-five years I guess I've ran, walked and plodded Hardtimes on a weekly basis.

Seemed more like a biking trail

Great trail for mountain biking! (And, there is heavy bike traffic.) I was walking and trail running. Parts of this trail are on a gravel road. Look at photos so you know what you're getting into. No mountain views. Wooded forest area. What I found most cool is that this trail goes through the Bent Experimental Forest (Pisgah National Forest), and there were interpretive signs explaining various types of forest management: single tree selection, group selection, clear cut, etc. If you are interested in forest management practices, definitely check this network of trails out. The loop I did (see recorded) provided a 4.2 mile walk. In retrospect, the descent at the end was fairly hard (on my knees!), and I wouldn't choose to do it that way again. I should have consulted the topography better before selecting the route.

The trail through dense woods, did not provide many scenic views, and is mostly used by mountain bikers. The bike traffic made for hiking uncomfortable at times and I expected more views of the surrounding hills.

3 months ago

Reading the reviews, I think people took a wide variety of trails in the area and mistakenly thought they were on this one. I’m not surprised, because the trails and trailheads are not well marked. The actual Pine Tree Trail Loop has no water crossings and there is no field. Instead it’s a relatively easy hike through woods and rhododendron. It goes alongside the creek part of the way and then circles through the woods most of the way. The trailhead can be hard to find, and your hiking time can double accidentally which probably happened to a few people. Here’s how you get to the Pine Tree Loop trail. From Alltrails, if you open the directions in google maps, it will get you to the right parking area. It’s labeled Ledford Trailhead. From there, do not walk up the dirt road. That’s the wrong direction and a completely different trail. Instead, park your car, and return on foot to the paved road, and keep walking the direction you were driving. This takes you towards the campground. You’ll go past the ranger station, past a four way stop sign, then you’ll see the trailhead on the right. Follow the blue blazes to stay on the Pine Tree Trail. At the end of the loop, it puts you back on the road in a different location from where you started. This is disorienting, but you’re close to the original trailhead. If you turned right down the paved road from there, it would take you to the lake. You want to turn left to head back towards the ranger station and your car. So, plan on an extra mile of walking on the paved road in addition to your trail time. And it doesn’t hurt to bring some water and a snack along, in case you find yourself on some of the intersecting trails and doubling your hiking time, which I think is pretty commonplace.

We really enjoyed this trail but way too many bikes. If you are a hiker be very alert and get ready to move off the trail A LOT! Easy grades and surfaces. Started off by going up Rice pinnacle road. Definitely needed the All trails app to keep us on track. Got off somehow toward the 7 mile mark at a switchback but found a connector fairly easily.

This trail takes you through a beautiful forest. It is easy, quiet, and lovely.

I started on the beach side. $2 to park there if the free lot is full. At the beach go right or left and follow the Homestead trail (orange). there are some crossings that aren't signed well so use this app to find the right way.

Easy trail run

Solid run. If you do the loop counter clockwise, you'll be road running all the way to the top and there's a lot of sun midday (so I would recommend this as a morning/evening run). But beautiful single track through the forest on the descent.

4 months ago

This is a go-to when I want to take my pooch for a hike near where we live.

I’ve been three times, and there’s been very little traffic any time. Nothing much as far as views (at least in the section from Arboretum to intersection at Blue Ridge Parkway). But if you like an uncrowded hike where you can let your dog off leash, this is very solid.

Dogs had a blast and there are so many trails to turn off on and explore.

Great hike for stretching your legs.

Found a parking spot near the trail head. It was a lovely walk with lots to see in early spring. First half is all uphill. Gravel road calls for hard soled hiking shoes not sneakers.

Network makes for a nice pick and choose hike, with a lovely rambling stream, but for mountain bikers it's a dream. Asheville NC

Great hike! Perfect 9ish mile trek - nice incline and descent and a couple of spots with beautiful views. Make sure to follow the digital map on AllTrails or you can get turned around on other trails that intersect.

Relaxing hike close to Asheville NC. The hike up is moderately challenging with a few views from the woods. The trip down is mostly along an old fire access road with nicer views, but is quite easy and a bit boring.

6 months ago

Did the smaller loop but it was easy enough with a 5 year old.

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