Good, wide trails with plenty of scenery. With the kid center close by there is something for everyone.

Visited for the first time today and I have nothing negative to say! There's a basketball and volleyball court, a baseball and soccer field, a dog park, playgrounds, picnic areas, and of course many different hiking trails. I hiked a few miles today and it was very pleasant. Definitely will be visiting again soon.

Great wilderness feeling while hiking this trail.

not clearly marked trail.

A great moderate hike, such a pretty park right in the city!!!

Nice easy beginner trail. Not sure why it is rated moderate? Cool get away in a big city.

Nice trail, but definitely need to be marked better. No trail maps provided either

Great gem close to the city

Walked this trail and took fork to Robison Rock House Ruins. Great hike, but watch for snakes. Was sitting on a rock, thought I had looked and a copperhead was nearby. According to nature center the ruins are a hot spot for them, which makes total sense with the number of hidey holes! Gorgeous views and is a nice place to hike in summer, since the canopy keeps the trail cooler than in sunshine.

Really easy trail. There aren't much incline so if you want just a long trail without having to go up high, this trail is for you. There's also a nice area to fish if you are into that.