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Easy hike with beautiful views! I Recommend hiking this early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise without crowds:)

3 days ago

Kinda sketchy drive to the waterfall but totally worth it. This is an easy and short trail. Was completely empty when we visited. The view is espectacular and you might be tempted to jump off the water fall. Please do not do that read the signs there have been fatal accidents at this location. Enjoy the view enjoy the sounds that should be enough !!

can someone tell me if it is paved up to this trailhead or not

I did this trail in January. It was 7 miles for me. The National Forest Road was closed (because of the shutdown I guess) so I parked off of 215 and hiked up the park road. It was a nice hike and beautiful out so I’m actually glad I couldn’t drive it. There are some inclines near the end, if you hike the road but they aren’t bad. Bring water and snacks and spend some time at the falls before you head back if you do the 7 miles. If you do drive, the road is well maintained. I don’t think there is any reason a standard car couldn’t get up the road, maybe if there was snow perhaps it would be harder. There were lots of limbs in the road when I went however. The falls were a little harder to find. The guy below who mentions the trailhead after the 4th bridge is correct. It’s harder to miss if you’re hiking, but if you’re driving, keep an eye out for the 4th bridge. The app gave me directions down to the falls which was super steep and didn’t look safe. It appears there are a few ways down to the falls people have attempted from the trails they have left. The safest way, continue on the trail, following the red marks on the trees. At the tree with the 2 red painted marks (they look like a pause button) there is a small trail to the left that leads you down to the falls, over an old, worn, short wooden boardwalk that leads to the steps people have mentioned. I didn’t think it was steep at all but I hike often. I attempted one of the other ways down I saw initially, but abandoned it bc it was way too steep to do alone. The trail by the red marks is way safer and obviously the way I was supposed to go. You’re going to see the falls and think it’s time to descend but keep going just a little farther until you see the red marks and go down and backtrack just a little to the falls. The falls are gorgeous! Also, I met a couple of other hikers who had come across a few harmless snakes on their hike in through the Cove trail. Yes, snakes in January.

I did this little trail in December before the snowstorm forced its closure. It’s a nice, easy trail and great place to enjoy the fresh air and just get outside. The boardwalks would make a great scene for a photo shoot in the fall. There were remnants of fall color when I went and I bet it’s stunning in the peak of fall. The falls are small and several people have attempted to climb them and fallen off and died...

Beautiful falls but very crowded at times. It’s right off the road and you can pull over and see the falls without even walking down. I’ve been once and had no one around. I got lucky I guess! Beautiful places are popular for a reason though.

Beautiful hike, even with sleet. 4.9 miles on the loop.

Was a little hard at first due to the previous day frozen rain but totally worth the "dangers". Breathtaking view at the top. Make sure to check out the tallest point for another amazing view
No crows at all in Jan. Accessible even when the Blue Ridge Parkway is closed

4 days ago

Not strenuous at all, but a nice wide, relatively flat walk along the riverside with smaller falls appearing first and then a beautiful high set of falls at the end of mile. Take your mom.

on Table Rock Trail

5 days ago

Great trail with a great view at the top! Beware this trail is much longer if the gate at the bottom of the paved road is closed. It turned into a 4.1mi round trip with over 1300ft of elevation. No issues on the dirt road with a small sedan, but it does take nearly 25min of driving on the dirt road to get to the trail.


A fun hike. A bit muddy but we enjoyed it. Kids did better than myself who slipped a few times. There's a small river to go through...seemed a lot didn't realize this. Wear proper hiking shoes or an extra set.

Waterfall was really nice and tucked away. A bit crowded for a few moments. Overall a cool hike.

Absolutely gorgeous waterfall!

Great easy trail for a nice walk. Trail is muddy in several areas because of rain but you can walk around. Our toddlers loved this trail and were easily able to walk. great spot to get your feet in the water/let dogs play about halfway in. Turn around at the bridge where it leads to the campground. We parked at the credit union and walked down the hill to the road to start the trail there. Starts as a paved trail

Great day to do the hike, especially since the state park was closed so not may tourists around. Total mileage was 12.2.

View at the top is worth it! Very muddy right now, and our watches showed 3 miles each way

Wow! Awesome hike to a sprawling bald. Low effort, high yield. Just be prepared for hoards of people at the top on a nice day. Fortunately there are off-shoots and other trails in the vicinity you can explore to get away from the crowds. Definitely would do again, and would plan a camping trip to see sunrise from there.

Dear lord this was a hard trail. Me and my two best friends went camping together and we spontaneously decided to do this trail for some reason. The whole thing is pretty much uphill but the view... my god the view was incredible at the top. It was so breathtaking it made the whole hike worth it. Just a note: the three of us are not in peak physical condition. I’m moderately fit but have hypoglycemia and a syncope problem, one friend has asthma and hypoglycemia but she runs frequently, and the second friend just casually works out. It took a while to go up and down this monster but we managed it.

Great trail for family! We did it in a couple of hours with our 10yo, 7yo, and 1yo and little Weimaraner puppy. Muddy with recent weather conditions but great views and there are several small bridges throughout to cross the creek. Definitely worth it!

Great, easy hike. Beautiful the whole way. My kids love going there. However there are lots of snakes in the summer

Beautiful trail to hike. There is a restaurant near the top and it's pretty good as well.


Great views at the summit
Overnight camping you can experience sunset And sunrises

Easy walking trail with beautiful falls

11 days ago

Trailhead is in the campground by the restroom. Well marked with orange blazes, it is a narrow, steep trail with several areas with tricky footing due to large, slick rocks, roots, and small rocks hidden under leaves. The strenuous rating is justified. There is one nice viewpoint that looks out toward Little Pisgah Mtn.

This place is one of my absolute favorite! I did an overnight backpacking trip here and the view was beyond breathtaking. My now fiancé also proposed here at sunset and it was so dreamy! The hike isn’t bad and only took 15 minutes to get to the top. I would recommend wearing boots as it can be a little muddy.

Went on a hike with a friend in first week of January and had a great time! We did not hike the whole thing due to slower pace and the time we had. We made it to the waterfall then turned back, so didn’t make it to Walker’s Knob or the summit. We left a little before 1:30pm and got back maybe around 5:47pm.
It was not as cold as you would expect, but definitely muddy from all the rain these past days. We were wearing the right shoes, but in some places it would be easy to get your feet wet. There are 3 beautiful water crossings in order to get to the other side of parts of the trail. Definitely a moderate hike because of creek crossings and incline in the first part of the trail, but it evens out in the second half. Before reaching the waterfall there is a beautiful lookout called Walden’s Rock.
The waterfall was cute and maybe medium sized. Not huge though.
We hiked a total of maybe 6.5-7 miles. Out and back.
We felt safe and passed a solo female hiker with her dog, a couple, a solo male hiker, and a group of college aged students hiking.
Overall very nice experience!

a bit muddy because of the rain but beautiful waterfall and fun hike. Not a difficult hike

This should be on your top 10 list!

Great for people with a desire for a big pay. You will earn the view toward the top but it’s worth it. Can be muddy and slippery so wear proper shoes and take it slow.

Nice hike! We decided to go to Knobby, it was a steep climb! took is longer than anticipated. The way down was fun, the trail followed the stream, often crisscrossing or becoming the stream itself! several nice campsites along the way too!

Campsite right on trail with small fire pit. good for small tent or two.
35°21'54.0"N 82°49'54.2"W

Very nice camp site good for small group with several tents, places to set up hammock s, large fire ring. it's right next to the water. Very pretty!
35.3581195, -82.8441671

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