I hiked this with my 16 YO daughter. Uneven rocks and roots, steep-ish going in some places, complicated by muddy spots (it was raining this weekend.) Hiking poles are your friend with this first part of the trail, and other spots further on.
Took it to the river, then continued along the river trail over the ridge to more spots along the river. There's a waterfall where we turned around, and just above it a large cleared area that's obviously over used for camping. Sadly found lots of garbage at the river, we packed out plastic bottles and other garbage. Why do people feel the need to tag the rocks along the river?
On our way back up we checked out Bluff Trail, but came back to Pine Gap Trail, and back up to the car at the trailhead.
Met several folks on the trail, a few headed in with packs, some day hikers. Nice trail, I'd assume typical summertime crowds. Will return to the area when the weather gets a little colder.