Nice trail, now if I can operate this app correctly, practice makes perfect.

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good morning walk

2 months ago

Excellent trail for bird watchers to see red-headed woodpeckers, flickers, red-bellied woodpeckers and turtles.

3 months ago

First time here today. We hiked the white trail (1.8 miles) & the blue trail (.7 miles) in a hour & 22 min. Great trail system, well marked and easy to follow. The trails had lots of roots and other things to step over/around. The scenery was beautiful, walking near High Point Lake was a pleasure. We saw plenty of birds, squirrels, ducks and geese. We look forward to coming back to the piedmont enviromental center to hike the rest of the trails & to walk the bicentennial greenway.

I found a digital copy of the trail maps here: (I tried to add it to the photos, but don't think it worked)