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Gorgeous hike! We went on this trail after it had rained a full day, resulting in rushing waterways. Quick walk to see beautiful scenery. Our Yorkies loved it as well.

Great easy walk to a great view. Most of this trail is on a paved road through a neighborhood... you can drive all the way to the top (past the signs that tell you not to) and it makes this about a .5 mile walk out and back.

Beautiful Rhododendron covered tunnel trail most of the way. Great views of the fall foliage off of the side trails and at the top. Met a few adventurous climbers rappelling over the beautiful rock face who were more than happy to show us how its done. Today the road was in great shape for our little Kia Soul to travel on.

Great hike, uphill the whole way! Make sure to turn left at the “William’s Pulpit” sign to get to the overlook... Bartram Trail continues for another 100 miles. Great views! Hike has a few waterfalls along the way too.

Absolutely awesome 5 miles with a first teaser view at Jones Knob, where you can see the cliffs of Whiterock Mtn. Then back down and onward, the trail is pretty level most of the way, then you come to a fork with the Bartram Trail and only .3 miles left to the top and cliffs of Whiterock Mtn. Make sure you go down to the end of the trail for the payoff. Take a picnic lunch. It's a great place for admiring the views. The trailhead has been corrected. Start at Jones Gap at the end of the gravel road at the small parking area and start uphill to the right. Highly recommended.

Numerous beautiful views on this < 2 hr loop trail. A little muddy today and lots of fellow hikers but worth it

Moderate climb first half outbound. Much of it thru a tunnel of rhododendrons. Multiple balds to the right for a beautiful view. Only down side is the 3 mile unpaved trip to the trailhead (also beautiful) and the traffic on the trail. This trail is no secret - still worth it!

Awesome view!

Gorgeous falls, fantastic viewing area, perfect for everyone!!

10 days ago

First off awesome, burning hike. Lots of ups and downs and long. Be prepared with water and food! Start of hike is fairly simple, then long downhill which means back up on the return. Seems like it takes forever to reach fire tower, but what a site if you have a clear day. Fall is the best time. Hiked this past weekend, 29 degrees on the top. Just perfect.

Did this hike in early November 2018.... Great five mile climb that is moderately difficult, last quarter of a mile is the toughest. The mileage is wrong as it is calculated using GPS and doesn’t add in the distance caused by altitude gain. This adds .3 of a mile.

Wonderful view at the top!!!

Fun little loop with streams

Never tire of this one. A lot of "view" for such an ez hike & always changing. Haven't seen the same view twice.

Easy walk and some parking space. Love it!

Absolutely Beautiful, seeing the cycles of life and death, a humbling experience of Divinity!

A real hidden gem. One of the best views I’ve seen in the area. Very windy at the top though

The actual trail is kind of hidden to the right once you get on the gravel path. Make sure you don't keep walking down the gravel path because that is not the trail.

Great views. Easy trail

Great hike and 360
View. Very windy.

Very nice. Awfully muddy at times, but beautiful falls!

12 days ago

A lot of bang for the buck on this little trail. Perfect with kids. Would be great in warmer months as there is plenty of opportunity to splash around.

Seems that the folks that didn’t do the full trail think this is easy least, which it is if you don’t go past the bottom viewing area. However, if you follow the map you go down to the bottom and back up. It goes past the paved part and stairs. Due to the incline coming back, rotted steps, and tree roots and rocks sticking out everywhere this trail does take a while. You canNOT see the waterfall at the bottom. If All Trails wants to leave this as easy and current distance (it is longer than stated) they need to update the trail. It is at least moderate. Literally only 4 groups of people went past the landing like I did. I honestly wouldn’t do that part again. The view from the easy part up top is good.

Excellent 360 degree views with an easy walk up the small dirt road. The trail does get muddy, especially near the top.

Great hike and fantastic views

17 days ago

Easy hike for a Florida guy! Great views as everyone has stated!

2 Mile Gentle Loop with exceptional views. Best hiked clockwise. Extremely overused, steps are in place all over the mountain. This is a Sacred Space, but one can feel the drained Energy and Spirituality. Mostly Yuppie Tourists. I have never seen so many soccer moms scowl at locals and power broker Dads scrambling to close deals on their cell phones. Hiked on a Monday and still the trail was crowded. Wonderful place to take epic photos if you are in a hurry. I had to stop and take breaks off trail because of the loud, nonsensical ramblings of the Country Club Visitors. Ridiculous. Respect. Please do not gape at me strangely if I do speak with the trees. The second star is because I met a group of 20 Ugandan Citizens on a Paid Expedition. They were so friendly and interested in my type of culture. Wonderful people. Peace, Love, Happiness, and Gooooo...

We had a great time making this a two day trip and camping. Only negative experience was since a recent rain a lot of the trail was swampy.. but that is my only complaint! had a great time.. even in 36 degree wet weather! thanks! I would have a map for a couple areas, we hit a couple different trails to see things.

A truly beautiful hike to Tranquility Point on Little Green Mountain! Lots of ways to get lost though! Make sure you download a map and know which ways you are going. Beautiful fall foliage right now also!

Take the wider trail for a quicker walk to the tower. O.84 miles. Beautiful views from the top of the tower!

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