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Panthertown is covered in intersecting trails, so have a map or this app ready for reference. The trail itself is a wide road until you reach the intersection at the beginning of the loop. We went right first. The trail was super muddy and waterlogged, so wear your waterproof shoes. Once on top of Little Green, the views are amazing! Exposed rock, heather and moss, and views for miles make it worth the uphill trek. It’s a great place to stop and take a water break. Once you’re at the bottom of the loop, the fall is right there with a large pool for you to swim/wade in. Be mindful of dogs and horses on this trail, and other campers. Overall, it was super fun and would definitely go back. I’d recommend it for the intermediate hiker.

Easy hike. Huge trees. Beautiful creek. Have hiked this before and would hike it again.

This is a great hike for young kids.

Great trail. Not a hard walk even with a 3 and 7 year old. They loved looking at all the big trees.

Great hike for myself, 2 teenagers, and a grandma! We completed both loops (upper and lower) fairly easily using the trail in a figure 8 pattern which is well marked out for you at the kiosk. Very well maintained and at an easy grade. Bathrooms located at the parking lot. Total distance is about 2 miles.

nice trail. follow directions on the webpage link. no 4wd needed. great views ! Jones knob spur trail is a must. steep... but worth it. can see whiterock mountain from Jones knob among other mountains.. then retrace your steps and then head to whiterock. I camped there. theres two fire rings and spots for tents and hammocks. make sure you walk all the way down to the bare rock face. it's down the hill a bit. amazing views here! hard to beat these views because of the large rock face.

We didn’t go all the way around but enjoyed the trails very slippery at some points of the trail though

Short easy trail. Seeing the old growth trees is awesome. Walking among those ancient trees - and knowing some were alive when Columbus arrived is both surreal and humbling. I’ve hiked this twice this year.

You get to see waterfalls and views of Panthertown Valley on this trail. The hardest part of the trail was the climb to the summit of Little Green Mountain after Schoolhouse Falls, but it really wasn't too tough. My only complaint is that it's really easy to wander off the main trail on the summit since it's not marked well. Watch for a couple of white arrows on the granite and green trail blaze markers. Using this app definitely helped guide me back on track. Depending on how much rain has fallen recently, parts of the trail near Greenland Creek could be muddy. A water crossing at Greenland Creek was shin deep when I went.

A nice trail. We stayed at the Snowbird Lodge across the road.

We enjoyed the hike. It was a steady gradual climb up to the waterfall. We turned around there, so our hike was only 6.5 miles. It was peaceful and we didn’t run into anyone else. The trail was more of a road, but it didn’t matter we were out and enjoyed ourselves.

Very impressive large trees throughout the forest. It’s wet and slippery on the rocks at some points and very rooty so we tripped a few times. But the trails were fairy tale like and it was shaded the whole time. A few bridges over the rushing creek were cool. We took four kids ages 8 to 16 and a dog and they all did great.

Took four kids ages 8 to 16 and a dog. They all loved it. It was a big of a climb at some points. We walked up to whiterock and back down to parking lot. View was really nice, we walked down the rock to the edge to get a good picture, it was a little nerveracking but we kept a good eye on the kids and dog. They could have got right off.

I thought this was the best trail in the area. Went early on a weekday and there were no other hikers on the trail though there were MANY on Panthertown Valley trail on the way back

Easy hike. You need to take the side trails for most of the waterfalls and balds. A lot of day hikers. Many camping sites but only saw one other set of campers that day/night

Beautiful scenery!

bear encounter

Started at upper parking area not as shown.

What a great day hike. I agree with the other posts about the directions. The trail head is not hard to find, but I was glad that we followed the directions posted by others on this site.

We took the Jones Gap side trail and we were glad that we did. The views are spectacular. There is significant diversity of trees and flowers on the trail and the hike is not too strenuous that our entire family - 18, 15, & 9 year olds included- did it have fun. At White Rock Gap, we dropped down to Stephens Creek and were really impressed by the trees along the way.

Overall, this is a great day hike and we will be back.

After hiking the Foothills Trail four times I have seen this one enough. Besides I like Upper Whitewater Falls better..

Panoramic views.

Panthertown is my home and is run by a great conservation group. This is a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole. Don't be afraid to get your paws wet.

I took a guided hike led by the conservation group. A little steep in a few spots for my over the hill owners. They just took their time and stopped to breath a lot. The rest of the group had no problems. Those young bucks. Dog friendly.


Five woofs!

Very pretty, loved the small waterfalls and sandy beach areas to chill. Saw a bear cub, luckily momma bear didn't appear. Diverse terrain. Lots of trails that can be confusing. Make sure you have a good map!

I just hiked this trail all the way to the N.O.C. Did it in two days my first time hiking any off the Appalachian trail. It was amazing

lightly marked but the paths are clear. it was an awesome day hike and I was glad to see a bunch of people out hiking the trails aswell.

great trail! we hiked with our three teenagers and three dogs and had a great time! beautiful area, wish there was more ways to be closer to the stream

Beautiful, easy trail. The old trees are amazing. So majestic. A lovely trail that you will want to meander along so you can soak in the sights, sounds and aroma. You don't want to miss anything in this old, old forest by hurrying through it.

Beautiful trail. We did both loops and greatly enjoyed the sounds and sights. However, we tried one of the other trails in the area and found it severely overgrown and poorly marked. We could not find the cutoff trail or the area where the fork was on the lollipop portion. But the main upper and lower loops were well marked and well maintained.

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