Great hike to make an easy day out of. A handful of great view spots to sit and enjoy. There were sporadic storms in the area so we sat at the top of Jones and watched them go by before heading over to Whiterock. The hike was fun, in the easy side, and full of different plants. Whiterock's views were breathtaking. And plenty of space to spread out away from others. While enjoying lunch, we took in the sights and sounds and at one point heard a pack of coyotes in the distance. Saw another couple bring a bottle of wine to the top and I definitely think that'll be our plan next trip. Hike was easy enough for our two small pups to manage but also decent workout. Definitely want to come back to camp on the Bartram trail.

Great hike. The drive up was also very beautiful. 4 wheel drive isn’t necessary but always nice to have. The gravel road is nicely graded and maintained. The trail is spectacular. Loved the educational signs about the native vegetation. The view at White Rock was magnificent. We stayed and had a nice lunch soaking up the amazing view. Easy out and back

Great hike. Pros, Cons, Stats below: Pros: Trail head is right across from the NOC so plenty of parking, water, snacks, meals, cold water to soak your feet after the hike, cold beer, etc. Beautiful hike, lots of wild flowers. Great scenic views for the majority of the hike. If you arent walking through a tunnel of flowers your walking on a vista ridge. Stunning. Its all up hill but never incredibly steep. If you are a smoker or recovering from an injury you make get some physical push back from your body but its a totally doable hike. On the way down its almost 100% down hill or flat. Lots of wildlife. I saw an enormous deer not far from me. Mostly solitary walking. Plenty of camp spots if thats what youre looking for. Cons: Its goes on for a long time. There were times when I thought I MUST be getting close, only to realize I had another hour or so of walking. Stats: started at 10:00am and returned by 5:30. I thought I was hustling...but its a long hike. I went with 3 pints of water....not enough! Also my banana was a great source of energy so I recommend nutritious snacks to get you through the end. Great weather.

It's a nice stretch of the AT to hike, but as an out and back there isn't much to see at either trailhead, so you just turn around at the end. The walk along the ridge has some good viewpoints, but hiking in the spring the trees obstructed some of the views.

Beautiful view... would recommend 4 wheel drive to drive up to the trail head.

Great woodland trail with some areas using park service roads—as others have noted in their reviews I highly recommend using gps to help you stay on the right trail—lots of side trail loops that weren’t always marked well

Please note, a hiker lost his life at the bottom of Whitewater Falls which he accessed from the Foothills Trail. In addition, a long time member of search and rescue lost his life during the rescue operation. Please use caution when exploring the area.

Hiked on April 29th out-&-back to Jones Knob for the panoramic view. Beautiful drive there was a bonus! Gravel road to trailhead is well maintained.

It’s a ridge trail. Some really nice trillium patches. Green vegetation sparse at the top; a little preseason. Steeper inclines from both ends. Couple small River tributary crossings on strategic rocks no problem. Water hole for dogs. Apparent previous fire damage; coming back alive.

Did this trail first week of April and poison ivy was already everywhere on edge of trail. Definitely moderate hike because of the elevation climb. You have to go a full 2.4 miles before you ever see water so I’ll try this again in the winter when you can see across to the falls. Saw one snake on the trail on a rock within 30 yards of the river.

off trail
2 months ago

Starting from Fires Creek Picnic area and trraveling counter clockwise the trail disappears into a large blow down area right after Tusquitee Bald. I bushwhacked for a mile or so with no luck of regaining the route and had to turn back to find camp before dark. I will definitely be coming back once the trail has been cleaned up.

2 months ago

Nice Trail. However, this is not really Hanging Dog Campground Trail. It is more correctly named Ramsey Bend North, Ramsey Bend South and Farmer Top Overlook. Technically, since their is no open Campground the name does not fit. These are barely maintained. However, I did see some Trees that looked like they were trimmed within the past couple years. It is really sad these Trails are not used much, they are filled with awesome scenery. Also sad that the Campground is closed. But, I guess if you really wanted to do so you could set-up your own Primitive Camp Site. Trail Sign markers are almost gone. So unless you have a GPS you could end up making several loop Trails. Posted a You Tube Video of this hike on April 21 2020. Bring your Kids. Bring your Dogs. However, check yourself for Ticks. I had a Tick on the back of my neck.

Great trail through woods to an amazing 360 view from white rock.

Great hike with good "up & downs" and "top of the mountain" views. Stopped at several locations along the 1.5 mile ridge to see a northern view of NC. Be prepared to hike on a few narrow paths with 50+ foot "drop-offs". Challenging, yet rewarding.

i really enjoyed this trail. did it on a nice janaury morning and the only thing i could hear was my feet moving through the leaves,

Started from Wayah Rd and only did maybe 3 miles. Pretty steep and remote. Only passed a few people. A few trickling waterfalls, 2 old water towers, and an abandoned camper that was pretty sketchy. It was an old FS rd for about a mile (up to the 2nd water tower) then turned into more of a trail.

Nice hike. The more strenuous was the .6 jones knob, since it was a consistent incline. The 2 miles to the view of White Mountain was beautiful. The ridge trail was lined with Laurel and Rhodies in many places and there was a two day old blanket of snow. While sitting on the large granite slab at the top, three black hogs walked up behind us. Once we heard them and turned around to see them, we stood up and they left promptly. Careful if there is ice, especially up around the large exposed granite. Offering that advice based on a spill

Good trail, in between moderate and strenuous. Steep incline up to top (where split for Sawmill and Bartram Gap is), but beautiful after it snows.

My recording is from Tellico Gap to NOC. What an awesome section of the AT! Abundant views throughout the trail and the fire tower on Wesser Bald is pretty cool as well!

We really appreciate the reviews about the ride up. Some of the pointers coming off Goldmine helped out a lot. We didn’t have a problem at all on those final 2 miles up. We have a Toyota 4runner TRD and this was exactly why we bought this type of truck. We hiked Christmas Day and We only ran into one family coming off Jones Gap and when we got back to the trailhead we were the only car in the lot. One thing to take note of is at the trailhead, the signs confused us a little bit. There wasn’t a sign that said Jones Gap or Whiterock so It took us a few minutes to figure it out. TAKE THE TRAIL TO THE RIGHT OF THE SIGN Once on the trail it was a perfectly marked trail and there was no way to get lost on it. The views were spectacular and well worth the hike. It wasn’t a strenuous hike but a few up hills did get the hamstrings and calf’s igniting The drive in from Bryson City was well worth the drive. It was a perfect Christmas Day. Our dog had a blast as well.

A little cold but stunning views..beautiful trail. definitely will be back

over grown
6 months ago

Great trail with a beautiful view

6 months ago

Pretty good trail. In decent condition. Rewarding hike.

Long dull through woods. Falls are great at end but would rather just park at falls. Winter has good views of bad creek reservoir and you can see lake jocassee and lake keowi from top of mountain. Leaves would block views in summer time.

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