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2 days ago

Fantastic waterfall that is easy to get to (just a one-mile loop with slight incline). Perfect for family.

This is a fun, challenging trail that follows a stream for a majority of the hike and features beautiful views and a climeable tower at the end. I believe the listed distance of 5.9 miles is wrong, as another user mentioned, and is actually about twice that length round trip. The hike took our group about 3 hours up and 2 hours back at a moderate pace.

Nice walk in the woods but not very scenic. Not a loop!

I have done this hike numerous times and enjoy it very much! You need to pay to park so bring some cash. We do the trek clockwise. Stay to the left for a fairly steep incline going up on a gravel path then stunning views as you trek along the top of the mountain. I'm in my 50's and in decent shape but definitely gets my heart rate up! Lots of steps and some tricky descents on the way down but my trusty hiking stick comes in handy to stabilize. The entire hike takes about 1 1/4 hour unless you linger at the top. I always take water and am amazed how many people don't!

One of the few true 360º views around. Sat last week on Hooper Bald looking across at the top and said to ourselves, "That's where we want to be." So this week we decided to go. It is an easy walk with the added bonus of Oak Knob. We could see endless blue ridges, watch the sky, enjoy the sun, feel the soft grass--just a delight. Looking forward to returning many times in the days to come.

This description is very misleading! We drove 3 hours to get here and this is a paved trail! It is a greenway in the middle of downtown Franklin, NC.

Beautiful Walk in the Clouds at the top of Whiteside Mountain.

THIS IS A TOUGH HIKE. Many people you talk to will say this is easily one of the hardest parts of the AT. With that said, the peak of this hike has an amazing view, and it's totally worth hiking there from NOC. Be prepared with tons of water and snacks if it's a day-hike. You'll need it. Happy hiking!

12 days ago

We just backpacked and camped there this weekend. We really enjoyed it! The trail does have a number of downed trees, some small and some not so small, across the trail. It was a little over 3 miles from parking just beyond the trailhead to the camping spots along the river. The first 1 mile in is mostly uphill and the last 2 miles are mostly down hill. Obviously the hike out is more challenging. There are 2 very nice camp spots by the river. Ellicott Rock is actually a little further down the trail- marked by a pink ribbon on the right. We thought the marker was out on the island, but now I believe the rock is directly below the ribbon, on the bank (after looking at another post on here). I think we were standing in it . We did not hike further down the trail. The first 3 miles do not have nice camp sites, besides the 2 on the river. I'm not sure what else is down stream. Bring a fishing pole - lots of fish in the river! Great hike and camping- would definitely do it again!

very cool trail. ends with turtle back falls waterfall.

12 days ago

I first walked this trail when I was a boy in 1960s. It is great to see the giants still standing in this special sanctuary. Glad to see the fire damage didn't reach the upper loop. Huge poplars that have withstood centuries of wear and tear help humble us short-lived little folk. I encourage everyone to make the journey (which is also delightful across the Cherohala Skyway for us in Tennessee) to see these ancient wonders while they are here.
A couple other notes. There are nice bridges on this trail; the NFS did well. Also lots of birds--saw and heard some wonderful warblers.