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Lovely trail. Went when it was foggy so views were obscured but the foggy fields and forests were absolutely beautiful as well. Easy and quiet hike. Gets a little windy in the open places.

The right trail was closed but the left was open. Easy hike with creeks and HUGE Poplar trees. I stared in awe at them, really pretty hike through old growth forest that seemed to be spared from the saw.

12 days ago

So, it is moderate with a lot of elevation change but is worth the trip - the fall is large and powerful with stunning views

Great place to hike. There are so many trails you can hike as many miles as you wish by connecting trails together!

14 days ago

Great hike! This took a few hours but we had two small children and two dogs. The ending was beautiful. If you continue further you will find two more waterfalls. After you reach Rainbow falls keep walking .2 miles and you will reach a sign saying you have reached the end of the trail. This area has the last of the three waterfalls. Although the view is a bit obscured by foliage, we climbed down a bit closer to the river to get a better view. This may have been on of my favorite hikes In NC for waterfalls.

15 days ago

Great although misleading long. the trailhead and most places indicate that it is only 10.4 however the northernmost part of the loop is closed (or overgrown at the very least). So its closer to 13 miles from what I can tell. Fitbit says 16, but it wasnt that long for sure. There is a lot of elevation changes and long uphills/downhills. The top is well worth the hike and definitely worth exploring up there for a while.

17 days ago

This is a hard place to find but worth it. It is not a hard climb to falls. It is a lot like the AT. We visit this fall every time we are in Franklin, NC.

Make sure you stop into Outdoor 76 in Downtown Franklin, NC. They have many hiking supplies and lots of information on area and AT. Great people to talk to.

Nice, easy hike to some incredible views.

For the out of shape hiker this trail and it's steep inclines are a challenge, for everyone else it should be pretty easy! The views at the top are totally worth it.

A few thoughts on this trail: when you're driving to the trail, you'll go through what seems like a neighborhood private drive but it will ultimately take you to a gravel lot. The grooves in the road are deep, so low riding cars may scrape at the bottom. The trail itself is rather challenging, with most of it being narrow, with not much space to wander off the trail without sliding down a hill. the observation deck at the top is incredible! it took my friend and I roughly 3.5 hours to complete out and back.

We didn't do the entire trail because we were tired from an earlier walk. There are many different entrance points for this trail. We started at the beginning, but there were many stops along where more people joined - I'm assuming mostly locals.