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Expansive view of the area after a short, but steep hike to the top. It is worth stopping for the view. I would not recommend going too far out of your way just for the hike. Also, we lost cell service here - make sure to download directions to your next destination before coming here!

Awesome trail tranquility point is a awesome place for lunch

on Cheoah Bald

7 days ago

trail running
8 days ago

Awesome bike visiting my family--some steep climbs but beautiful views and so much green!

on Rufus Morgan Trail

12 days ago

The road was open today so we were saved from the uphill hike on the gravel road

This was a beautiful trail with grandfather old growth trees. I saw my first rattlesnake in the wild on this loop trail. It was amazing!

13 days ago

Not to bad of a hike, the waterfall makes the trip worth it.

Really easy hike to the top. Some pretty wildflowers on the way up. Once at the top I was impressed with the size of the bald! Amazing views. The trailhead is easy to find thanks to a sign along the Skyway marking it as Hooper Bald and pointing you to the parking lot. Definitely worth the short, easy hike!

The trail is easy to follow and is well maintained. There are some viewpoints with the leaves off the trees. It's not too hard at all. I used this trail on my way to Yellow Mountain; which is much harder and longer.

Great view