All six of the trails here are nice to walk, especially if you're beached out. Take some bug spray though. You could definitely kill a few hours at this park if you want to make a day of it.

I came across this visiting for the weekend. Overall, it's a pretty cool place and well tended to. This trail was 1 of 6 within the entire preserve. Unfortunately, my visit was the day after a thunderstorm, so the conditions were wet and humid. This also meant the bugs were in abundance (despite being covered in bug spray). I'd love to give this one another go, but maybe during a cooler season or with more clothing.

9 days ago

Decent short trail with a 6'-wide concrete pathway for ADA. Eventually, it transitions to a wood/pier pathway with a couple nice water views. It's pretty short, so it might be worth taking on one of the other preserve trails to extend the day.

Nice hike through a maritime forest with numerous intradunal ponds and tall pines. Due to recent rains, the first small loop as you start the trail was closed. There were several ascents and descents on this trail, which made for a nice workout. The highlight was a plain-bellied watersnake about two feet off the trail that was getting ready to shed its skin and didn’t move when we walked by and took a photo. Some of the pictures submitted for this trail show sound views but those pictures are probably for the Discovery Trail that does have great sound views.

To find the trailhead go from the visitor center across the parking lot and turn left on the road. It starts a few dozen yards done the road on the right. Once there you will go through a maritime forest with several intradunal ponds. After descending to a road you will cross the road and pick the trail up on the other side.

If you look to your right as you cross the road you will see the old Tillett family cemetery. A sign further down the trail talks about the Tillett’s homestead and you can still see some remains of their home’s foundation. Eventually, the path leads to a sound view that is spectacular. Some benches are there to sit on and take in the view. A beautiful black rat snake made an appearance on our way back to the trailhead. This was an enjoyable trail that I will definitely do again.

16 days ago

This is an enjoyable mostly paved path that leads through a maritime forest and around a large pond that was created from rain water. The part of the path that isn’t paved is boardwalk and there are some nice places to sit and view the surrounding wildlife or just enjoy nature. A Green Heron perched in a tree above the pond and gave us wonderful views.

So many bugs but very worth it and the ocean view at the end of the trail was a great and beautiful surprise

1 month ago

We enjoyed this trail. The hills were challenging and the forest was beautiful.

on Nags Head Town Trail

1 month ago

A nice trail in Nags Head with a view of the sound. The trail was easy to follow and in great condition. It was an easy hike.

1 month ago

We enjoyed this trail. It was short and easy and well-marked. The view of the sound was very nice.

It's nice. Went with the dogs. Unfortunately the whole trail isn't open to dogs.

A fantastic surprise in the OBX. A great trail run in a hidden gem smack in middle of Kill Devil Hills. Surprising variation in elevation along the run from blueberry and bumble gum. About a 4 mile or so run. One hill is killer for sure. My only down mark would be and also to some would not be a concern would be that the trails are very narrow. I make sure to search for ticks here as you are very much in the woods and there are spots that’ll are slightly overgrown and you will have to track through vegetation. That is also an endearing quality I like here too.

The signs were really easy to follow and the scenery was both beautiful and fascinating. You will pass a small cemetery and later learn more about the family that it belonged to. It's ends at a little beach by the sound and when I got there a couple told me that I had just missed seeing a snake eat an eel. Really cool especially if you're used to mainland scenery - it's totally different.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Year's was a bug free walk. We did see a cottonmouth moccasin sunning himself on this chilly day. Well-marked, popular, but not overly crowded. Wooded dunes hidden off the beaten OBX track offer well-maintained and marked trails appropriate for hikers of all ages and conditions.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fun trail with great terrain changes. Our dogs (and my husband) were covered in ticks after. No mosquitoes when we went (November).

TONS of mosquitos due to all the standing water -- don't forget your bug repellent! Otherwise a pleasant trek.

Loved this hike. Had no idea I would find a hike like this in OBX.

An incredible chance to experience maritime forest. Many trails to select and link together for all levels.

well maintained trail. enjoyed the trail and all its views. nature was quiet, but the quietness of the trail, spoke volumes. great family and individual trail. Also, a nice trail run would be in my future plans.

Beautiful early spring walk on sweetgum and blueberry trails. The trees growing out of the swamp are erie and majestic. These hikes were not wheel chair friendly. Nice place for pictures on wooden bridges near visitor center. Later in season make sure to have big spray!

Very interesting hike. Crosses through at least three distinct types of forest and has terrain features I would never have expected on an island like Nags Head. I would strongly encourage either long sleeves and pants or copious amounts of insect repellent as Mosquitos are plentiful and there are sections which could be prone to housing ticks. Otherwise a beautiful hike.

The shooting range is for the town police department, not a bunch of crazy north carolina gun lovin' rednecks. thanks for the snarky comment though.

Great trail. Great hike no matter how serious/hardcore you are. The differing ecosystems is amazing. Absolutely beautiful.

What a wonderful reprieve from the 40 degree (April!) beach! The preserve trails were beautiful, quiet, peaceful, and much warmer. It was a little scary seeing some signs about shooting ranges being close by, but indication that we should be safe as long as we stay on the trail. I guess that's NC for you? Totally different vegetation than what we're used to on the West coast- very cool to see- green water was very neat, and my daughter had a lot of fun! Very happy to have found this place.

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