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There are a few places in the world that still stand apart from the ordinary. Rising more than a mile high, surrounded by the gentle mist of low-hanging clouds, Mount Mitchell State Park is one of these extraordinary places. In the crest of the timeworn Black Mountains lies the summit of Mount Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi. For those who ascend this mighty peak, what looms in the horizon is a feast for the eyesbreathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, rolling ridges and fertile valleys. Forested and forever misty, 1,946-acre Mount Mitchell State Park will provide you with some of the most tranquil moments you'll ever experience.

8 days ago

We backpacked this trail on Memorial Day weekend, which was a mistake because it was SO CROWDED. Still worth it, though. It was amazing to notice how the foliage changed with the elevation. The top reminded me of hiking in Maine. It was also a great feeling to emerge from the wooded trail in our hiking boots to see how many people had driven to the top. I think we impressed the drivers ;)
I'd love to go back when it's not a holiday weekend. You could do this whole thing in one day, if you get there early. If you're going to backpack (which I'd recommend instead of rushing it in one day), there's perfect camping on Commissary Hill, which is about 2/3 of the way to the top.

trail running
11 days ago

As an east coaster who spent a good amount of time running out west, this is as close as it gets. 5 mile slog with 3k+ of vert. Trail is fairly technical, good amount of leaves covering up the rocks and roots, and plenty of step-ups in the last mile. You can refill bottles at the top during the in season (taps were turned off as of early Dec), though you do pass a few good quality springs on the way. View at the top is well worthwhile!

16 days ago

Did two weeks ago. Plenty of roots and rocks and a little tougher than I expected. Great views and was lucky not a lot of drive ups so had peak almost to myself.

17 days ago

Two friends and I did this trail + Mount Craig early November. A solid and fun trail. We had lots of fog driving to and from the mountain but was treated with beautiful fall leave.

I did this trail today under clear skies and 40-45 degree temperature. It’s a very solid trail and the walkways are well blazed. Plenty of elevation spikes as well as rocky sections going up or down, depending on the direction you go. Once on the Buncombe Horse stretch, there are multiple patches of standing water that haven’t drained so be prepared to hop a little. As far as I saw, these trails don’t seem to be trafficked all that much.

19 days ago

A moderate hike!

Just an average hike, in my opinion. There was a nice little stream near the top, but other than that it was just another walk in the woods (typical Eastern hike) but without any great overlooks.
It is well marked and probably better in the winter when there are no leaves.
We did detour initially to a waterfall near the campground and that was pretty cool.

21 days ago

21 days ago

This trail for me is hard . It has good views, I hiked up Colbert’s creek to deep gap on the crest then off the cattail creek side . Great hike .

This trail is very rugged. Taking Black Mountain Crest Trail up to Deep Gap and down Colbert’s Ridge will take approximately 9 hours. Expect to walk 1 mile per hour.

The trail was marked well with lots of water. However, bear wires are needed at Commissary Ridge Camp Ground. Ranger’s were beyond helpful. Recommend Yancy Transportation for trail head drop off and pickup from Burnsville.

Maple Camp Bald has great views!

Tough but fun

29 days ago

Hard but worth it. Way cooler to hike to the peak than drive up. We got water at the trailhead rangers station but all water after that was turned off (November).

We parked at the top of Mt Mitchell and hiked this trail to the peak of Mt Craig. It starts out easy but quickly you’re climbing hand and foot over big rocks. Very cool hike and awesome views from Mt Craig.