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7 days ago

Great, well groomed carriage road leading up through pastures and rolling hills to the observation tower. The views to the east and north are very pretty. Perfect for solo, couples, families, children, dogs, horses, etc

Beautiful views!

Fairly easy well maintained trail with a
beautiful meadow part way up. All inclined up to the tower, nice views across meadow and up near top on switchbacks. Very windy, tighten your hats.

We love this trail. It has beautiful views. Great footing. It’s decently trafficked even in the winter so I never get creeped out hiking alone with my toddler.

Beautiful waterfall at the end! Took 2 hours, not an easy hike!

1 month ago

Great walking trail. Easy, flat and semi smooth trail. Perfect for a walk with our lab. Enjoyed the walk. Hoping in the future to fish the lake.

We are pretty sure we saw a bobcat in the meadow on our last hike. It had all the right features -black ears, tawny body, about 2’ high. They sometimes hunt in the daytime. It was disappearing into a thicket as we glimpsed it.

Lovely walk through the woods. Every trail on the Cone Estate is worth doing - they are all well-maintained and beautiful. This route in particular has a chance of seeing wildlife - we saw two fawns and many chipmunks and birds. It's long enough to get some cardio, but not strenuous by any means. Highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a peaceful walk in the woods. Getting to sit in one of the rockers on the manor's porch and chat with a stranger (new friend) is an added bonus!

1 month ago

Love this trail! Any time we're in the Blowing Rock area, this trail is on the must-do list. It's long, but gradually sloping - well-maintained and wide enough to share with others on foot or horseback. The meadow is gorgeous - during the summer months, it is full of milkweed and butterflies. Views of the surrounding mountains are excellent. From the meadow to the tower, it's a nice walk with switchbacks and plenty of flowers. Any of the Cone trails are worth doing!

1 month ago

Could you ask for a more beautiful ~1 mile route to walk or run? I don't think so. The path is crushed gravel and relatively even - the views are stunning, even in the fog. Absolute heaven.

1 month ago

My family and I loved this trail. We have four kids ages 6 to 17, and everyone enjoyed this equally. We have hiked a lot of trails over the years, and our kids prefer technical trails with lots of rocks and roots, so I was worried this might be a little boring for them, but the scenery is so beautiful, it was just as fun as some more difficult trails. It is uphill the whole way to the fire tower, so that makes it challenging enough. We also saw chipmunks and deer which everyone loved! It was a rainy day, and we had started out on some more difficult trails, but the slippery conditions forced us to quit those. This was the perfect trail for a post rain hike.

My review is from the perspective of an amateur landscape photographer.

Don't bother with this trail. There are no scenic vistas. The lake views are mediocre at best. There are better lakes with more scenic views along the Blue Ridge. Spend your time at those. Julian Price Lake and nearby Bass Lake come to mind,

Wide trail with surprisingly open high meadows. Must climb the tower and feel the cool breeze at the pinnacle! Watch for horse evidence.

2 months ago

About a 5.25 mike hike from the Moses Cone parking lot. The hike was beautiful but not too difficult, the path is well maintained and wide. We took our dog as well as our infant with us with no problem, the biggest plus was that the tower at the end of the trail is still in use (not closed).

Be careful trying to take the shortcuts coming down. We ended up following a game trail that dumped us almost 4 miles down the parkway.

We were looking for a toddler friendly trail. The wildflowers and wildlife made it beautiful and the gravel made it easy.

The meadow at the base of the mountain, around the Cone cemetery, is our favorite spot for wildflowers in the area.

Nice for a great walk or running trail. Don’t actually consider this hiking, personally. The trail is extremely wide (with horse droppings) so this fit in more as a nature walk. Pretty scenery and easy for everyone.

A calm and peaceful place. I loved the view of Cone Manor tucked in between the mountains. The water lillies & flowers on Bass Lake were lovely.

fun hike. lunch on lake

This is one of our favorite hikes, perfect for a nice afternoon outing.

Nice easy walk or jog. Arrive early to take advantage of the cooler mornings and fewer people. Nice scenery on the longer trails.

Easy walk and it is always a bit breezy there.

Trail was kept up very nicely and was clear of stumps. Pretty easy hike and the views are great. I recommend coming and enjoying the trails and nature.

My husband and I decided to hike the trail from Bass Lake to Cone Manor today. I was intrigued by the manor house and wanted to make a longer outing than just driving to the manor. As most others have mentioned, the trail is gravel and really easy to walk. Even the incline from the lake to the manor is very gradual. I gave this 3 stars though because it's overall kind of dull. I was most fascinated by the overgrown orchards but they are blocked from access by barbed wire and nailed gates.

5 months ago

What seemed like forever to get to the top was well worth it! Easy well groomed walkway.

Nice trail to run.

on Bass Lake Loop Trail

5 months ago

Easy. Scenic and BUSY. Wouldn’t recommend this place durning tourist season.

on Trout Lake Loop Trail

5 months ago

Quick. Easy. Quite.

Less popular than bass like and not a lot of crowds like at bass

Great place to relax. Very flat and easy scroll.

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