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Good trail to hike! Well maintained with gorgeous views at the top. There is a decent amount of people and horse traffic on this trail though.

awesome trail! me and a friend did this in March when clouds were sitting low. very eery, but great experience all around.

Easy trail used by many locals to walk their dogs, walk or jog. Can be very busy on weekends. Great place for fall leaf photos. PhotosByMeta

First hiked this trail about 2 years ago, just went back for more. 24 miles of diverse trails within a small area. Will go back for a third trip soon. Great scenic views all along the way.

Nice stroll through the countryside. Wonderful overlook from the tower at the top.

Nice wooded walk to a lake with a view of the manor and then back. Great place to watch birds, enjoyed watching 3 yellow bellied sap suckers do their thing. Took about 2 hours round trip at a leisurely pace. Direct access to lake from other entry points via another trailhead vs hiking all the way from the manor.

Not much to see but if your into getting out and exercising then this the trail for you. Should be very nice when the flowers are in bloom.

on Figure Eight Trail

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on Bass Lake To Maze

2 months ago

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3 months ago

Beautiful and smooth loop to casually walk to. Grab a good friend who's good at conversations (and maybe photography too) and knock yourselves out.