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Enjoy the gifts of nature surrounded by the remnants of a once mighty range of peaks. Upon first encounter, the Uwharrie Mountains may seem like a mountainous mirage. These steep, rugged hillsunusual topography for the areaform a stark contrast with the rolling countryside of the piedmont plateau. Recreation is plentiful in and around the waters of Lake Tillery and the Yadkin / Pee Dee River. Fishing and boating are popular pastimes. Nature lovers can pick from miles of trails to travel on foot or horseback. And for those who want to stay and take it all in, cabins and camping are available. There's really only one word to describe Morrow Mountain State Park: variety. Use the family car or RV, horseback or canoe, put on a pair of hiking boots or bait your favorite fishing polea visit to Morrow Mountain lets you choose your kind of adventure.

I gave the trail 4 stars, but I'd give the wild life experience this trip 5 stars since about a quarter of a mile in, at the top of a wooded knoll, my wife and I came upon three spring born deer younglings that, surprisingly, did not turn tail and run. We observed each other for upwards of 10 minutes until our teenage daughter and her friend tramped noisily up the slope. It was quite a sight. Anyway, we did the loop from the horse trailer parking clockwise so the climb to the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain was a nice mixture of gradual inclines interspersed with slightly steeper climbs--not bad at all. The occasional views of the Pee Dee River off to the right were nice and the open woodland and quartzite strewn landscape were pleasant to pass through. The backside trail was much steeper and the last third of the trail, before connecting with the Morrow Mountain Trail, was a mess of windfall trees with many, often quite difficult zig-zag up and down slope detours. It was challenging but certainly doable. The rest of the loop, especially where it coincided with the Morrow Mountain Trail was mostly pleasant rolling hills and a good rest after the climb and somewhat tricky decent. While the views are not spectacular, the landscape and its fauna and flora is interesting even in this rather interstitial season. Spring, when the Mountain Laurel is blooming, and late Autumn with the changing foliage, are usually more spectacular here!

Too rocky and burnt up

Pretty views but not much there, about a 15 mins hike

16 days ago

18 days ago

Such a lovely trail!! Easy to moderate climbs. The only issues I had were several large, leafy trees downed in the trail path that took a fair bit of body twisting to get through and/or over. For a fairly hot day(85'F) it was shady, breezy and cool for the most part.

18 days ago

very fun trail. challenging close to the top. saw a deer while we were out on the trail. Wife has issue with very little grooming.

great hike. easy with a good view.

Short, easy hike. Nice wide trails. Enjoyable.

1 month ago