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Enjoy the gifts of nature surrounded by the remnants of a once mighty range of peaks. Upon first encounter, the Uwharrie Mountains may seem like a mountainous mirage. These steep, rugged hillsunusual topography for the areaform a stark contrast with the rolling countryside of the piedmont plateau. Recreation is plentiful in and around the waters of Lake Tillery and the Yadkin / Pee Dee River. Fishing and boating are popular pastimes. Nature lovers can pick from miles of trails to travel on foot or horseback. And for those who want to stay and take it all in, cabins and camping are available. There's really only one word to describe Morrow Mountain State Park: variety. Use the family car or RV, horseback or canoe, put on a pair of hiking boots or bait your favorite fishing polea visit to Morrow Mountain lets you choose your kind of adventure.

We had plans to do Sugarloaf but due to the weather we decided to just do the loop and have a small picnic. The views were breathtaking and my son had a blast hiking the loop.

I went the weekend after the controlled burn. Lost the trail for a little ways when I ambled around that giant felled oak near the peak, but I moved toward the ridge and picked it back up. It was unbelievably beautiful despite the ash, with amazing views of the valley and the lake. Most of the trail is pretty easy, and the strenuous segment (maybe 2/3rds of the way through the loop) is well worth it. I picked up the trail on the Bridle Trail side (the first right turn once you’ve entered the park). Can’t wait to go back in Spring to see the regrowth.

Easy walk, some nice views along the river

Great hike, a bit cold but not bad. Great views with no leaves on the trees and saw more deer than people! The parts of the trail going up the mountains are pretty steep but both are fairly short (

2 months ago

This was an easy hike on a well marked trail. Some nice views and wonderful in the fall foliage. Great starter

This is an easy trail but you have to watch your footing. Views of the valley are unmatched in the fall.

Morrow Mountain has several trails and I his one is moderately easy with only a few climbs. The views are fantastic and the trail is well marked.

2 months ago

For the most part moderate is correct. The uphill 1.5 mile at the end is rough on 60 year old man

2 months ago

Beautiful trail. Can be a bit slippery with autumn leaves and quite steep at the top. Just FYI, the directions lead you to the top of the mountain to park, and the trail is then down and back up (out and back). Opposite my preference.

Nice views from this trail that loops the top of Morrow Mountain summit parking area. Good facilities for family picnics. I lowered the score to 2 stars bc the trail is loose gravel and narrow in some areas so the possibility of slipping off on the steep sides is a worry. Saw a lot of Eastern Bluebird and Dark-eyed Junco.

Amazing hike and Amazing veiw. probably good idea to use hiking boots, hiking stick, bring snacks and hiking kit.

3 months ago

This was a decent trail. Wish there were more views from up top but the river walk at the end was really nice. So much burn area there was a horrible stench of burnt wood most of the hike. Would recommend more in the fall/winter for more views.

3 months ago

First trail, great run/hike. Can not wait for hiking the Appalachian trail this trail has helped me believe I can do anything that I put my mind to it.

Moderate trail going down, not so moderate coming back up but still enjoyable

Moderate trail but last climb to top is strenuous. Beautiful views if leaves are sparse. Great day trip from Raleigh area. Pack a picnic lunch or BBQ. Picnic benches and clean bathroom accommodations at the top. Parking available at top of mountain or by the museum and you can access the trails from either location. Noticed they had a shelter/pavilion that is available to reserve.

This is more strenuous than moderate. Nice views if the skies are clear.

Went on a whim to get out while the weather is still decent enough to enjoy it. Went from the trail marker sign around to the left, and it is quite a steep climb. Probably easier to go counterclockwise or to the right of the sign. Either way, great views from the top

Great loop trail for a quick workout.

If you want to skip the 80ft hill, take a left when you come in and go out the same way. Nice walk beside the river with pretty views.

Not a trail for beginners. Lots of burned wood from controlled fires. Nice change in surroundings as you go up and down in elevation. Moderately trafficked. Nice area at the summit to take a break and some pictures before going back down. Wear the appropriate shoes for roots and rocks.

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