I'm not sure what went wrong. we started on an orange trail that just ended, we took a yellow trail and ended up on a service road. Saw absolutely no views of anything but woods for hours.

The hike up trace ridge was ok. nice views but the trail had lots of ruts. The hike down was very nice - the trail was in a lot better shape. Open forest at first, followed by a nice hike along the river. We encountered just 3 mountain bikers. It was dark when we got down so we missed the reservoir.

We started the trail by connecting from the Blue Ridge Parkway, heading down Trace Ridge, looping around, and making our way back up along Spencer Gap. The first 2/3rds of the trail were really pleasurable, with great views, beautiful foliage and late-blooming flowers and the trail was not difficult.

The last 3rd was pretty intense. We followed the trail as mapped to the T, it was covered with fallen branches, was quite narrow, and appeared unused by anyone for a while. I didn't see any signs for an adjacent trail, so we kept trekking on.

We'd have gone back up a different trail if we knew this was the condition it would be in...I'm all for a challenging hike, but having to contort my body to move around thick scrub wasn't the greatest option.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Love this hike. Trace Ridge up to Beaverdam Overlook on the BRP has a few long ascents, but flattens out between them. Nice views from the overlook. Spencer Creek Trail coming down is great for picking up some speed. Hikers beware: much of the trail is very narrow and the area is packed full of bikers. I found myself jumping off to the side many a time.

mountain biking
Saturday, August 23, 2014

nice decent on the way out