Photos of Linville Gorge Wilderness Hiking Trails

6 days ago

An amazing, brutal, rewarding 3 day trek. Me and 5 other dudes did this as our first real backpacking trip, heck, might as well do one of the hardest local trips to set the bar high. We started at Wolf pit, starting up the switchbacks then to the top where the evidence of last years forest fire was seen. We made it to Table rock and camped that night. Didn’t pass any good sources of water the first day, make sure you have enough to last until you start the next day. Leaving table rock, continuing north, we went came to a beautiful river crossing, had to rock hop.. 3/5 guys made the crossing without getting wet, the other two ended up waist deep in the river.
We did the long stretch along the river, got dark and rainy but had to keep going.
The last day was pretty good. Had to cross the river after hiking all morning. It was about knee deep but about 100ish yard across in someplaces. Honestly, I didn’t even use a physical map, I used this app the whole time. Probably wasn’t the smartest thing but it was basically 100% accurate the whole time.