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Linville Gorge -- often called The Grand Canyon of the Southeast -- is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. Linville Gorge Wilderness encompasses the wild backcountry on either side of the Linville River, which carved the Gorge over millions of years. Trails in the gorge are rugged -- bring your hiking poles if you use them.

Awesome trail, not for the faint of heart. I thought I was in decent shape until hiking this trail! And we only went about halfway down to the river. Now I wish we’d gone all the way. Guess I’ll just have to go back.

22 hours ago

Great, short hike to the bottom of the falls. If you're willing to get a little wet, there are plenty of areas to explore.

4 days ago

Easily walked paved trail, perfect for the whole family.
Road is rough and steep in some spots to get there though.

This is an easy trail with mostly a loose gravel man-made base. Elevation change was very very gradual and was very easy to walk with my mom even with us both having injuries. Her company was really all that made this little hike enjoyable. It would have been wonderful (4 stars) but the crowds were outrageous and people on the trail did not exhibit typical courtesies and this may be due to the ease of the trail. The trail is really wide most of the way through but scathes of children unaccompanied by parents were dangerously rude (nearly bumping others into a creek below) and even adults would be literally breathing down your neck instead of going around when there was enough room to drive a car around. Not your typical hiking crowd! People wouldn't even acknowledge you to move or move their tripods so you could navigate easily and wouldn't fall on the rock face near the falls! Definitely would suggest during an off season or later in the day to avoid huge rude crowds.The views of the falls and the little brooks here and there were nice but the rude crowd just kinda ruined it.

Nice short hike and falls can seen from 3 separate vantage points. The scenery makes it well worth it

Good hike. The combination of a wet trail with slick leaves and rocks made it a little more difficult going down but it was worth it. Took a little searching to find the trail to the top of the Tower. The trail is comparable to the Spence Ridge Trail on the other side of the Gorge but not that difficult.

Great waterfalls. Unusually swift water made crossing the trail challenging today. Terrain can be slick so proper footwear is a plus.

10 days ago