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Linville Gorge -- often called The Grand Canyon of the Southeast -- is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. Linville Gorge Wilderness encompasses the wild backcountry on either side of the Linville River, which carved the Gorge over millions of years. Trails in the gorge are rugged -- bring your hiking poles if you use them.

Loved the views!!! Rough hike. Beware. Worth it for the views.

8 days ago

Walked an extra mile because I got off trail. Thanks to All Trails map, I got back on track. A little ways after you start on the trail, you have to take a sharp right. That’s where I flubbed up! Beautiful hike. Rocky, root-y, and steep, and the river and boulders at the river are beautiful! Little streams along the way so dogs have water. Not sure how dried up they get in the summer . Nature’s stair master on the way up....! If you are young and/or in shape, it will be a nice hike. If you aren’t, like myself, it is a work out!!!

10 days ago

This trail was a lot tougher than I expected. With that being said, this was an absolutely gorgeous hike. The payoff was completely worth the effort. At the end of the trek there is an awesome overhang with a beautiful view which is perfect for camping or simply having lunch.

As a resident of the area. We live off Wolf Pit Rd and enjoy sharing our mountain to all who want to enjoy it. The road in (Wolf Pit) is a State/Federal rd. It has fallen into a sad shape. We have started a petition to submit to our Representatives to get some agency to take up repair and maintenance of Wolf Pit. Please sign https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/petition-to-repair-and-maintain-wolf-pit-road

This is an awesome trail! The views of the waterfalls are amazing and it is moderately challenging. Definitely not 1.2 miles on the loop though. It’s closer to 2.5 miles if you go all the way around. The Lower falls creek crossing is marked with orange ribbon tape if you are coming from the upper falls direction. The crossings were difficult because everything was frozen or covered in ice (we came right after a big snowfall) so we had to rock jump and slip-slide our way across (getting very wet in the process). One of our favorite hikes and definitely worth coming back to!

Definitely worth the hike. Pretty easy and breathtaking

Loved it.Grand views.... steep descent and assent... several breaks to get back to the top.. no switch backs. 1700+ elev. change in 1.3 miles days enough.

1 month ago

this was the hardest assent I have made. short 1.3 miles, 2000 feet up. with packs, very difficult.

Fantastic hike with phenomenal views. The first mile is tough with steep inclines, but once past it’s a much easier trek. We went in January with pretty cold temps and some icy patchy. If your looking for a hike with some of the best 360 degree views with rough and unique terrain, then this is your hike!

1 month ago

Easy trail, park in the gravel lot and go in from there. There are 3 trailheads right there.

Linville Gorge is amazing. It is also unforgiving. Be prepared for some of the most beautiful scenery on the east coast but be prepared to earn those views. My favorite hangout in NC.

The road to get to the trail head is winding and narrow with more than a few deep ruts. The last 1.5 miles of the road was locked closed for winter, it's 1.5 miles of steep uphill on blacktop. The option for getting more water seems to be a single spring about 6 miles in.
Well marked, minimal trash, death defying heights and ledges, what could be better? 29 miles of wilderness fun.

Hiked it in early January. Really cool trail. We went on a Saturday and didn't run into anyone. Views are awesome throughout the hike. Highly recommended. The first 2 miles is the toughest stretch it's a pretty steep incline but anyone in good condition should be fine.

1 month ago

Nice little day hike. Down to a really nice section of the Linville River. The bridge crossing over river at the end of the trail is out, so prepare to get wet if you want to explore the river more or cross over to the Wiseman’s side.

Absolutely the sickest trail I have ever experienced. difficult as can be but totally worth the effort


Awesome trail, challenging for sure but some really nice spots to relax and camp out. Stopped by the ranger office in Nebo and scooped a map which is a necessity out there. You need a compass and a map and you'll be good. Parked the car and began the trail at Conley Cove until we got to the Linville Gorge Trail. Took that for a while and found a good campsite. Continued the following day and camped around the Brushy Ridge area. Took the trail from Babel Tower out to the 105 dirt road and hiked that back down to the car at Conley Cove. Would definitely recommend this trail.

I enjoyed this trail immensely. Pretty challenging and fairly technical in some sections. Be ready for lots of incline and some beautiful ridge walking. I started at 10 in the morning, took a bunch of breaks (waiting for friends to catch up), and finished by 5:45 at night.

2 months ago

Camped a number of times in the gorge, specifically at the “Mouse House” which is just across the river you reach while on Spence Ridge. Bit tougher to get across since the bridge washed out but a great place to do some backpacking.

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