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Linville Gorge -- often called The Grand Canyon of the Southeast -- is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. Linville Gorge Wilderness encompasses the wild backcountry on either side of the Linville River, which carved the Gorge over millions of years. Trails in the gorge are rugged -- bring your hiking poles if you use them.

Awesome trail, challenging for sure but some really nice spots to relax and camp out. Stopped by the ranger office in Nebo and scooped a map which is a necessity out there. You need a compass and a map and you'll be good. Parked the car and began the trail at Conley Cove until we got to the Linville Gorge Trail. Took that for a while and found a good campsite. Continued the following day and camped around the Brushy Ridge area. Took the trail from Babel Tower out to the 105 dirt road and hiked that back down to the car at Conley Cove. Would definitely recommend this trail.

9 days ago

10 days ago

I enjoyed this trail immensely. Pretty challenging and fairly technical in some sections. Be ready for lots of incline and some beautiful ridge walking. I started at 10 in the morning, took a bunch of breaks (waiting for friends to catch up), and finished by 5:45 at night.

10 days ago

Camped a number of times in the gorge, specifically at the “Mouse House” which is just across the river you reach while on Spence Ridge. Bit tougher to get across since the bridge washed out but a great place to do some backpacking.

The whole gorge is amazing to hike. Make sure to take plenty of water while on the outer ridges a

16 days ago

Started at sleeping bear trail head, connected to Hawksbill Mountain, then walked the ridge to the top and the Devil's Hole trailhead. Trail is not marked, and can be a little tricky to find sometimes. The hike up and down the ridge is steep, but not too long. Hiked this trail in the fall, so the leaves made the trail a bit slippery, hiking poles definitely helped. Great camping spot at the bottom near the water for those who are backpacking.

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Why this is rated as easy is beyond me. It is moderate to hard, especially if you continue past the Sitting Bear rock formation.

18 days ago

My home trail, if you will, as we enjoy a cabin at the base of the gorge with my wife’s family. We hike here often, and think the views are some of the best in the area. Love it!