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Linville Gorge -- often called The Grand Canyon of the Southeast -- is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. Linville Gorge Wilderness encompasses the wild backcountry on either side of the Linville River, which carved the Gorge over millions of years. Trails in the gorge are rugged -- bring your hiking poles if you use them.

Tons of bugs in late afternoon during the 1st 2 miles of trail when visited in July. They don't bite though :). Plenty of spots to stop and marvel at the gorge. Switchbacks were only moderately difficult with plenty of rocks. At no point were climbing or even scurrying skills needed. Camping areas along the ridge were beautiful. Trailhead road was 3 miles of dirt/ gravel road but easily accessible by any car - 4x4 not necessary. Can't wait to hike it again.

The path to the top of the falls is super easy and the water is incredibly calming - would be great for any and all hikers! For those with sure feet and an adventurous soul, the red trail down to the bottom of the waterfall is a treat. It is a tough trail with steep, rocky, and root-filled pathways. But the bottom is so worth it with lots of boulders to hang out on, enjoy a snack, and look at a very impressive and intense waterfall.

Short, beautiful trail through the woods to the falls and back- lots of roots, a little steep, but so worth it. Swimming and boulder climbing opportunities. Huge area of flattish, smooth rock to relax on at Lower Falls. Beautiful view off the top of the fall at Upper Falls. Half way between Upper Falls and Lower Falls, you can find another spot with a cascade and boulders. Trail isn't marked well there. Will go back!

nice gradual hike...but the gorge hike is worth the extra effort.

Breathtaking and by that I don't just mean the views that saddle in the Mountain between shortoff mountain in the Chimney's / Table rock picnic Area is breathtaking it like walking up the steepest ski slope you've ever seen and then Doubling that

You cross the river twice if you do both the upper and lower falls. Great Hike, bring water shoes! Me and my daughter loved it!

This was an easy hike Took my 85 year old mom!!

Wish Parkour was a part of the activities list! Took the strenuous (red) trail to the bottom of the gorge and the waterfall. Beautiful and peaceful when you finally get to the bottom... but you have to work for it. Would love to go back and do the yellow trail but after the red, we were done. Also, get there early... by noon the parking lot was packed.