Legend Park

22 reviews
5 months ago

Tried to hike in Clemmons State Educational Forest but discovered it's closed from December 1 to March 1, 2018 for trail maintenance. Skirted quickly over to the Legend Park Trail, which is primarily for mountain bikes with lots of ups and downs and all arounds, but still good for hiking when the bikers aren't using it. During winter there are lots of leaves covering up roots and rocks and not very safe for bikers. That being said, the lower yellow trails are probably the easiest for biking with gentle slopes and flat boardwalks. Going to the upper trails, I would think Little Big Horn is the most fun as it has the smoothest runs and big sweeping turns with some big hills. Magnolias is for intermediates but uneventful. Larry's Loop is a challenging spur off of Little Big Horn. Nearest the entrance is Hucksville with some really extreme technical ramps suitable for flips, some huge jumps and a really cool banked track - for experts. I enjoyed the four miles around all the trails - it was a good workout with lots of variety. For biking it has something for everyone. Also great for trail running.