Fantastic place to relax.

There are many different trails to do here, we did the advertised track. The hill trail portion of this is meh, but the cove and split rock portions were great. lots of rocks, but very fun and nice along the lake. Watch out for horse poop.

Great trail with beautiful lake...within it !

Outstanding way to spend the afternoon!
I have not been here in years, and forgot how awesome this is so close to the city!!!

We took Hill Trail, Cove Trail, Split Rock Trail, Piedmont Prairie Trail, & Hill Trail for a total of 7miles almost to the step! (ignore the fact that I stopped recording my hike for a few hundred steps...)

It was really a great day, hiking boots are smart out on the "Cove Trail" as the current leaf cover makes the rocks (and there are plenty of rocks) very hard to see.

The trail BLAZE are worn out in some places, but there is not mystery where the trail is really.

trail running
3 months ago

The thing I miss most about Charlotte is my Sunday long run at Latta. So beautiful, and easy to loose track of time. I miss training here as a Charlotte 49er cross country running. The gravel trails make a satisfying crunchy sound, which helped me find a good rythym, and made the trails runnable in the snow. You could easily choose a route with various difficulty. Came out and canoed once too. Love it here.

This is part of the extensive Latta Plantation Nature Preserve trail system. Parking next to the nature center, I took the Hill Trail almost out to its end. I then returned by including the Cove and Split Rock Trails. The Hill Trail is wide and is often shared with horses from the equestrian center. The Cove Trail loops through the woods, getting you close to the lake in several places. The trail is filled with small rocks. I had to be careful with all the leaves on the ground. The split Rock Trail also gets you close to the water, and is not nearly as rocky. I really enjoyed the combination of trails on a beautiful fall day.

trail running
6 months ago

Really rocky, tons of spiders, guaranteed to sprain 4 ankles in your party of 2

Did Hill and Cove trails, nice wide trails