The cool, tea-colored waters at first appear similar to other lakes in the area, but Lake Waccamaw is one of the most unique bodies of water in the world. You will find here species of animals found nowhere else on the planet, rare plants and endangered animals. At Lake Waccamaw, you can view one of the greatest geological mysteries of the eastern United Statesthe phenomenon of Carolina bays. Limestone bluffs along the north shore neutralize Lake Waccamaw's water, making the lake different from any other Carolina Bay. Nearby, you can catch a glimpse of a botanical wonderthe Green Swamp. From its sandy shorelines to its tree-lined natural areas, Lake Waccamaw offers peaceful surroundings, an intriguing natural history and fun in the sun.

Nice little walk which I did with my four Shih Tzu companions several years ago.

Not particularly well marked, but a nice trail for the nature lover. Great place for herping! Bring water on a hot day. Not well traveled, but well worth the effort. A very easy hike.

This is a short trail, half through meadow forest and half through swamp.

This review is for the Green Swamp Preserve. Yes, the insects here can be intense at times, but the plethora of amazing carnivorous plants, wildflowers and orchids you'll come across is truly amazing. There are many gems hidden in the wiregrass, and every season has its own beautiful blooms. May and August are great times to catch a whole range of wildflowers. As mentioned by others, the trails can get mucky after a heavy rain event, so it's best to bring boots, along with water, and long pants are helpful too.

Mosquitos are no joke

Mosquitoes and mud, but you can swim in the shallow muck.

Like mosquitos? Then you'll love the trails out here.

Extremely secluded hike through the Green Swamp. There is an easy-to-miss parking area at the trailhead, and a well marked out-and-back trail through several ecosystems of the green swamp. Note that after rainfall it gets very mucky and parts of the trail become impassable. Also be aware that they do prescribed burning in here (one was done just the day before we went) so it may be closed at times.

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