trail running
9 days ago

I love the west loop of Lake Johnson... seriously a hidden gem and has the perfect 800 stretch that is always soft, flat and beautiful. Perfect for trail runners, hikers and walkers.

combined both sides of lake for about 4.5 miles. liked dirt west side better but made one wrong turn and ended up in apts.

Good trail but very busy. It's nice and wide but wheelchairs may have difficulty with the second half as it's very steep. Elevation increase may only be 242ft but it does it up and down two or three times.

17 days ago

Great little hike. I took the wife this weekend, the colors were beautiful. This loop is more rustic. Great for a short hike.

This trail feels more like a walk in the park than a hike. This trail does have a lot more natural terrain than the other loop. There are some nice views of the little lake. Not much incline or challenging areas, but a great place to escape for a little bit that's close to Downtown Raleigh.

1 month ago

Quick easy access for routine exercise, but usually busy & not particularly friendly crowd. Very much a city walk.

Convenient walking/exercise for quick access, but usually busy, sidewalk sidewalk experience in the woods.

1 month ago

Great trail walk, lots of elevation changes. A little confusing in a couple areas on the unpaved side. Highly recommend.

I love to hike and I love the other side of the lake but this has zero direction after the halfway point. It started off as a breeze and fun and ended in being so lost I had to rely solely on my gps. I made it to the other paved side and felt like I was at a 5 star hotel. Trust me, this place is still my favorite as I love being off the beaten trail but if you’re a newcomer on the non paved side, be sure your gps is working.