15 days ago

Easy! Picturesque trail. Asphalt paved all the way. Under 10,000 steps.

Only one pitch that has vertical challenge. All paved as I recall.

Once you get to the northwest of the lake the crowd shakes out and the path turns into a great escape. South side of the lake makes for some good trail running.

It is a great workout with beautiful scenery.

The west loop of the Lake Johnson trail is not paved, unlike the eastern loop, so is a bit more like hiking. Some gentle slopes and a very nice point with a bench to reflect over the lake and ponder life. We took the loop just after a snowstorm and enjoyed the lake, the bridge and short hike on a sunny day. Also much less crowded than the east loop which has bike traffic and is paved all the way around. If you want a quieter stroll or good 2 mile trail run after work, this is the one for you.

Nice trail system..wish I had my bike

6 months ago