mountain biking
1 month ago

Under construction .... not enjoyable

Great for a beginner or children. Careful on slippery boards. Had a great time. Very quick walk. Nice trail.

4 months ago

Very easy, flat, and very short (0.5 mile) walk. This looks to be stroller friendly. Lots of tree coverage. There are several sections that are boardwalks or very well maintained gravel path. Saw a black snake sunning on the path and lots of bugs (only when slowed down for the snake). Super easy little trail that would be fine for little kids. If you are a real hiker, not any satisfaction from it. I hike a good bit, but this was fine for what I needed at the time.

The lake trail is closed about 2 miles in for construction. Would have been nice if there was a sign. Enjoyed it otherwise.

6 months ago

We walked around Lake Crabtree. 5.5 miles. There were some nice sections but also not so nice sections. One section went right next to Morrisville Parkway, another next to Evans Rd., another along a busy paved greenway with lots of bikers. Plus industrial and office buildings right off the trail half of the way. And the last section went just below the I-40 freeway and then on a very popular mountain biking trail. There was a constant stream of bikers that we had to step off the trail and let go by. Good and bad.

the lake loop was closed to bike traffic, but the smaller loops are good for an afternoon ride!

This is a great trail once you get past the small section by the road. There is also a small portion that is shared with mountain bikes. Crabtree has amazing wildlife viewing opportunities.