This is a pleasant hike through an old growth forest that took me about 1-1 1/2 hours to complete. The vegetation is lovely and there's a babbling brook that runs along part of the trail. Such a pretty forest.

Beautiful old growth.

I love this area. I have backpacked this section of the AT and driven through lots of beautiful scenery.

I love Joyce Kilmer Wilderness area and the connected Citico Creek Wilderness area. I backpack here with friends and my dog regularly. It is beautiful and not crowded. I prefer it to Smokies and other parks. Wilderness areas are not maintained like SMNP and you should definitely own the map before you get here. There is an excellent guidebook available at most outdoor stores in Knoxville that is really the best thing to take with you.

Top Recommendations

1. Big Fat Gap to Wildcat Falls (Day or Overnight) - Great campsites along Slickrock Creek. Good Swimming area at Wildcat.
2. Naked Ground Gap. Once Camped here in December when it was about 4 degree F, my friend got frostbite. What is the outdoors without a little danger! 1 to 2 days
3. Slickrock Creek Trail from the beginning to the END amazing and challenging hike. 3 days and its not a loop.
4. Go back forth between Joyce Kilmer and Citico Creek wilderness, Over 300 miles of trails I'm pretty sure! Enough to keep you busy for years!

I've seen Boar, Snakes (including one big Timber Rattlesnake), Tons of Birds, Salamanders! Lizards! Fish, and lots of signs of bears so they must be there somewhere! I hope you enjoy and help to take care of this amazing wilderness area.

In my rating, I rate the trails fair. Honestly they are hard and sometimes hard to find but that is what I like. This is wilderness not the park. Bring a map and know how to read it, bring the right stuff, and make good decisions and you will have a great time.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016