We got there and no one was around to help. turns out you have to call ahead if you want to ride horses there. And it's $10 per horse. So if you want a spur of the moment ride, this isn't the place.

birds behind the visitor center worth the trip, trails not maintained, damaged walkways unable to complete some trails because of muddy or flooded areas . Trails available for horseback riding, pond for fishing, cabin rentals, firing range, hunting , summer education. cool place for all those activities not so much if u want a good hike....

While the trails are easy to walk, the map is inadequate, many smaller cross trails are not sign posted and do not appear on the map. It is therefore difficult to figure out the main trail and easy to get lost.

There was a sign at the entrance that said the park was closed due to flooding, ice, winter, etc....We probably would've hiked it anyway, but they never unlocked the game, so I'm sure they meant business. Cool birds of prey behind the building though!

First, the snakes and birds in the Learning Center were awesome! The best reason to go back. But we originally went to this trail because we hoped it wouldn't be closed post-hurricane. Some of the trails were closed without any posting and no guidance from the office staff. Not really sure if there was much to see, but can't really say either.

Several large, dirt paths with smaller tails that branch off. Good for an easy hike.

Not bad for the kids.

Planning to try this soon.

Well planned trails for a good learning environment. Great hike with the kids.

Nice relaxing walk

Very nice and well maintained.

easy trail with multiple habitats. multiple trails at Howell Woods, some more rugged than others. Watch out for wild pigs further back in.