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Not a long trail, but very pretty.

Easy trail through a forested area and views of the creek.

An excellent trail for a leisurely stroll through the forest. Informative nature center on site adds to appreciation of the uniqueness of the site.

Nice hike mainly in the shade which helps with the summer temps. Be careful of the slick wooden steps. All in all great hike

3 months ago

Did this combined with symphony lake. Great hike, with easy walking. Recommend for any skill level.

Really fun trails with cool things to see. I never realized that we had such high bluffs in central North Carolina. The trails are covered with mulch which makes me a little nervous about snakes, but we didn’t run into any today. Lots of signage with information about the nature and science of the place which was really interesting to read about. We’ll be back to visit.

One of my fav spots

Nice hike. Loved the shade since it was 90 outside

Beautiful spring time trail run just after a rainy day! Chestnut Oak and Swift Creek trails combined equal about two miles if you add the Beach Cove lookout. This is a perfect beginner trail run as the trail is extremely well maintained and consists of arborist wood chips and wood planks where the trail would normally be wet. The Chestnut Oak trail is the longer of the two and provides a nice rolling terrain with a modest climb up from the creek. This connects to the Swift Creek trail with consists of 105 steps down the bluff to the creek with a flat loop that brings you back to the steps. There are a hand full of platforms that provide as good a view as you can get from the heart of Cary, NC! The nature preserve office is open until 5:00 PM but the gates remain open until 8:00 PM. There are nice bathroom facilities and even a nature education area for the kids!

I highly recommend this trail if you are looking to blow off some steam on a shaded, moderate run!

A gorgeous walk through the woods! All the trails at Hemlock Bluffs are well maintained and offer both easy and more challenging walking. Beautiful flora and fauna throughout. Highly recommend!

Beautiful natural area just a couple of miles from bustling commercial area in Cary. Extremely well maintained with frequent sightings of deer, squirrels and other native species. A tranquil oasis if you time it right but relaxing walk even when others are around.

This is one of my favorite spots!

Nice short trail leading to the overlooks.

11 months ago

Did it combined with Symphony Lake Greenway. Nice walk with the creek and lake throughout.

pretty wooded area close to town. a few inclines but mostly easy. dirt trail.

The trails are great. The steps however are terrible. Would give it a higher rating without steps. Should be mentioned in the description.

This is a very short overlook trail off the Beech Tree Cove Trail. Unfortunately the view from the top of the bluff was limited when I visited in Late September. It definitely would be better after the leaves fall.

11 months ago

This is a short loop off the Chestnut Oak Loop Trail, with access to two bluff overlooks.

11 months ago

This trail takes you down to a nice loop below the bluffs and along Swift Creek. It is a combination of both boardwalks and a well maintained natural trail.

This is a very well maintained and pretty walk through the woods.

I combined both of these trails with the Beech Tree Cove and West Hemlock Overlooks. All the trails are very well maintained and great for families, especially when combined with the nature center.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

great place to hike and for nature programs

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Nice place. Great for kids.

Excellent place for weekend walk/hike

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Nice short & easy trail. Not too many bugs which was my main concern. Just wear or bring some bug spray and the bugs aren't bad at all if you're moving.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fairly short and easy trail. The trail is totally mulch which isn't my preference. Saw some really beautiful deer very close to the path.
This is a great trail for running or for someone with kids.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Very nice easy walk through the woods. Paths are well maintained .

trail running
Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lots of people, but very well maintained and beautiful views. Lots of stairs too

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Great easy walk

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