2 days ago

The value/difficulty of this trail depends on which route you take and your physical condition. An average person should find this quite doable, but not easy. It’s not technical, just a lot of elevation change.

Coming from the lake parking lot, if you take the route to the right (shorter by 0.7 miles) its all stone steps and constant climbing for 1.8 miles to the summit. A helluva workout, wider trail, but no real payoff until you reach the top.

Alternatively, take the longer route (2.5 miles to the top) to the left and its a much more enjoyable hike. Yes, it still has some climb to get you to the top, but no stairs until the last 50yds. Kids would have more fun going this way, too. Certainly an easier route. You will encounter multiple rock outcroppings and great vistas (slightly off trail) of the north and northwest, even grabbing a view of the Sauratowns and Pilot Mountain. Moving at a pretty leisurely pace, you can reach the summit in just over an hour or so.

Coming back down, you will have to decide to retrace your steps, or take the other part of the trail you didn’t come up. Watch your step on the stone steps...loose gravel can catch you off guard.