Venture to Bear Island and reward yourself with vivid memories of one of the most unspoiled beaches on the Atlantic coast. Accessible only by passenger ferry or private boat, there's just one thing at Hammocks Beach that's crowdedthe list of things to do. Stroll the beach with laughing gulls and sandpipers. Cast a baited hook into endless rows of foaming breakers. Discover tiny specimens of marine life in tidal pools and mudflats. Use a camera or paintbrush to capture the green and gold grasses that color the salt marshes. Spend the night among the sand dunes, or simply bask in the sun and do nothing at all. Secluded and tranquil, free from intruding commercialism, Hammocks Beach may not be for everyone, but the island is a retreat for people who welcome the challenges of relentless sun, sand, sea and sky.

The trail is narrow but very soft on your feet. There are 2 options for trails according to the directional signs, only go right. I tried both and when I went left the trail led to a nice beach area, but then ended in high-suction mud where I lost a shoe and had to return sock-footed. But again, the trail is very soft. And the scenery is nice.

An alright trail. It is very short, but is well kept.

22 days ago

Beautiful beach. A short ferry ride to the island then about a 1/2 mile walk on a paved path to the other side of the island where the beach is. There is a small concession stand there, a restroom, and a shower to rinse off after enjoying the beach. The island is about 4 miles in total length so if you decide to walk it you will not see very many people at all, most of the day trippers stay right at the entrance. Bring lots of water so you stay hydrated. It’s a great place to spend a day.

6 months ago

Beautiful spot to camp and enjoy the beach! We had an exciting camping trip as a strong storm headed over the island the night we camped there. Definitely a little scary - but an experience we'll never forget. Clean showers & bathroom over there and really serene setting!

Have paddled out of Hammocks Beach many times - nice paddling spot & easy for kids/newbies too. Even saw a small gator splash into the water near us & dolphins. Be aware that over the weekend (esp. summer) that jet skiers can sometimes race up and down the channel, causing wakes that might flip out inexperienced paddlers. Have to be really aware of your surroundings, as we've had a few experiences with jet skis getting right up on us.

9 months ago

This trail is very easy and fun but is too short for me and the dogs. But was still a blast! :)

Great fun!!!

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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

I ran along the beach- from the entance area to the south tip of the island, A nice run. At one point during my run, there was absolutely no one around- the only noice came from crashing waves and seagull. While the distance is not far- only a couple of miles- make sure to bring plenty of water, especially during summer. The reward for making it to the tip of the island- a nice view and lots of large,well-preserved shells.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Great park, but the trail is not your traditional hiking experience. I camped overnight on Bear Island (if you would like to, reservations are a good idea). At the mainland entrance to the park you pick up your ferry ticket and if camping check in. From there you take a people only ferry (no pets or carts allowed) and dock at Bear Island. From the ferry dock there is a paved 1/2 mile trail that leads to the bathhouse and then to the beach. The beach is the rest of your trail. If camping you take a left on to the beach and starting around 1/4 of a mile you will start finding the camp site markers in the dunes. Yes you will have to climb over the dune with all of your stuff. Campers to have access to the bathhouse and water, but you will have to walk for both. It is best to treat camping there as a true backpacking trip. It's more work than car camping, but was totally worth having an almost empty island all night and in to the morning. All the day visitors enjoy the beach and wild life that is there.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Great island! Perfect to spend a day. Great for kids. Never too busy.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Great park, very beautiful. Trail isn't all that. Requires a ferry ride to get over to Bear Island, then trail goes from there. Trail is mostly walking up and down beach which is beautiful.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

From the ferry dock it's about 1/2 mile to the beach along a paved path. You come out about halfway up the 4 mile long island. They ask you to stay off the dunes and there are no paths on the western side so you really only can walk along the beach. Its pristine and uncrowded, with 11 campsites for which you can register at the visitor center.

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