Beautiful trail with plenty of parking (multiple lots around lake). Watch for broken pavement here and there (usually from tree roots). Be aware of your surroundings and, due to safety reasons, I wouldn’t recommend running here at night. Gorgeous scenery though! I love running here.

trail running
1 month ago

Great for a solid distance run and good scenery on the loop. I will say that urban aspect of the park with suspect individuals lingering at certain spots and the odors that also come with urban areas versus other running spots in Wilmington area put this down on my list personally. Still a great run that I take on a couple times a week. About 4.5 miles on my route and does the trick for a midweek run.

Nice walking but kinda sketchy neighborhood. Don't walk alone

trail running
10 months ago

Not crowded so good for a trail run. The lake is pretty, and lots of wildlife there. I wouldn't go it alone for a couple of reasons, but overall a good place to go with a friend.