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More difficult then moderate but nice hike.

I loved the falls the hike was more difficult then moderate lot of downed trees and trail is washed out at one point we had to climb over a bunch of rocks. The water crossings were great in my opinion I love water and it wasn't deep. I suggest the Forest Service do a little maintenance maybe a footbridge over the washed out spot.

This is a great hike! I followed the directions on waterfallshiker and had little trouble finding the way. It's largely pretty easy, except for the last half mile or so. The trail is *quite* narrow and tricky right before the waterfall. We had a member of the party who has some balance issues and they took what could have been a pretty nasty fall without someone near to catch them, so be advised of that. The waterfall is so beautiful and the swimming is excellent, if you're inclined to.

Beautiful trail, though it’s not marked well. towards the beginning of the hike is a river crossing so you’re most likely to get wet, tho it’s worth it. Wouldn’t recommend small children nor dogs that have to be on a leash (could be dangerous for you going down to the waterfall also there’s no railing that keeps you/them from falling).

Beautiful, easy little hike that ends in a gorgeous little waterfall. Makes for a perfect day of hiking in the summer. Kid and dog friendly. Awesome to take a hammock and let the kids play in the water at the end of the hike and just relax.

great trail!

The wildflowers were beautiful and loved the fact it stays so close to the river

PAY ATTENTION!!! There are TWO parking areas with two trailheads! The trailhead that has all the signage and WARNINGS is NOT the trailhead that you want if you want to go to the waterfalls.
TO THE FALLS! Right across the street and about 50 feet up the road is the trailhead for Little Bradley Falls. Once you have found the right trailhead the guesswork is not over. A few people coming down the mountain told me They never saw the falls. Of course I was confused and frustrated because my goal was to get to a waterfall. The next set of hikers that we’re coming down we’re group of men I asked them if they saw the waterfall? They said yes but if you don’t stay right where the trail splits you missed the falls.
here’s the thing, the trail splits more than once. The best way that I know to describe it is there is a tree across the path and this tree is actually partially buried into the dirt. You will cross other trees that you have to climb over or crawl under but this tree is just across the path and is only raised up out of the dirt about 6 inches or so. this is where the fork is.
DONT MISS THE FORK! When you see the tree that is laying flat across the trail stay right. If you look around you’ll see some faint red paint marked on the trees they are easy to miss if you’re not looking. It’s at this point you’ll go down a very short embankment and cross over stream. Most people can rock hop hanging onto branches and whatnot as you cross.! Once you’re on this part of the trail it’s a wonderful beautiful hike to the falls. You will have to climb over some boulders that block the trail just go slow it you should be fine.

So much fun!

Beautiful trail, but not well marked. We actually thought we are doing little Bradley Falls, which is on the other side of the road. It was about 1/2 way In we realized otherwise. We did the steep climb with ropes which was intense, water was too high to get a great view of the falls, but it is fun for someone in great shape and into adventures.

Hiked with teenaged son and daughter. Very enjoyable. Stream crossings were not too bad but if the water was a little higher you would get wet. Enjoyed hanging out by the falls. Lovely way to spend a couple of hours. Wish it had been a little longer but it was a nice walk. Looks like trail has been recently remarked with red dots so it was easy to follow

I would put 5 stars but 4 stars. Three reasons are

1-At beginning of the trail from the road, take LEFT trail to hike uphill. At the fork before the fallen tree on left side and creek on right side, take RIGHT trail toward the creek.
2-you will need to walk across the creek three times. At first two times you choose to walk through the creek or hop the rocks if the water is low. At third time, no problem since the water is low.
3- the level should be difficult because of many fallen trees, rocks to walk across, and narrow trail and can be easily to slip and fall down the hills.

So be careful to hike there but it is WORTH to visit there.

Awesome falls! A few obstacles and a couple of creeks to cross but not bad.

Not well marked which is usually fine but there are lots of side trails and it gets confusing. Would not recommend dogs or small kids.

This trail name doesnt exist. I followed the directions that led me to the gamelands on the green river. they have a map a few yards after the trailhead that is slightly difficult to see due to it being someone's driveway. Park when you cross the bridge, "trailhead" is directly across.

beautiful and fun hike

Short trail with big payoff. That little Bradley falls is absolutely amazing.

Trail is not marked and overgrown once you cross the river. Lots of blow down. Water was high, so you cannot cross with dry feet unless you scramble across a downed tree before the crossing. River is beautiful. Not a soul out there today. Packed some found trash out.

Good exercise. The views from the top are breathtaking

Great hike

Quick hike. Great view of waterfall at the overlook, and a nice water crossing towards the beginning. Not much foot traffic, with easy parking access.

We got so lost and took the wrong trail at the marked trailhead, the one that warns about steep drops and death (seriously). The correct trail, which we found when leaving and decided to stay, is across the street on an unmarked trail. There are two paths - one below that runs along the creek and the one above to the left. Go left. There are a couple stream crossing, a boulder field and the chimney ruins. The falls are awesome and the trail is eventually marked with red. Totally worth all the getting lost!

Beautiful waterfall! We initially started on the trail to Big Bradley Falls but realized we were on the wrong trail (since we were using the app). We crossed the road and found the trail head (unmarked) to Little Bradley Falls. You have to cross the stream 2x and there are not enough rocks to hop across. (I fell in during the second crossing and my shoe floated away). Definitely planning on coming back in the summer.

Should really be rated difficult. It's really steep up for almost 4 miles, then pretty steep almost the whole way down. Probably wouldn't do this one again, especially not in the winter. Not many views once you got past the river. To me, the hard part of this (Bear Branch and down) wasn't worth the effort.

Great day hike! A trail with fun obstacles (rock hopping / log walking stream crossing + rope descent to bottom of the falls) beautiful views and a ton of potentially fatal fall opportunities! The danger is fun for the reasonably athletic and adventurous but I wouldn’t take the kids. The rope descent to the bottom of the falls is exciting and unlike any other hike I’ve done (do make sure the rope you choose to trust isn’t frayed. We came across one being held by a single cord, so we had to cut and re-tie). The descent takes about 20-30 minutes but the ascent only 10-15 minutes. After the rope descent, there is a small path that cuts left to the bottom of the falls. It’s pretty easy to miss but it’s worth it. It’s a majestic view from the bottom (especially during the golden lighting of late afternoon). Up on the main trail (before the rope descent trail) there’s another path that will take you to the top of the falls. The overall distance of this hike is short but there’s plenty of views and side trails to scratch your exploring itch, but you’ll still be able to get home for dinner. Loved the hike - Go check it out and enjoy the adventure (but also...don’t fall to your doom).

Nice hike. Fairly easy creek crossings. Some minor obstacles.

Beautiful area, however, had to cut it short. It should be written on here that this is a hunting area in the fall/early winter. Encountered a very grumpy toothless old man with a shotgun who was displeased with my presence. Definitely bring bright orange clothing. Also no sign here that says anything about Bradley falls trailhead.

Very nice hike through the woods to a beautiful waterfall/

Really nice 8 mile or so hike. Great winter views of nearby peaks. Nice view of lower Narrows section of the Green river.

Beautiful hike along the river. Bear Branch should be rated difficult because of the significant elevation gain. Make sure you have a trail map. Some trail forks can be confusing.

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