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Great hike. You will cross streams to wear waterproof shoes

This was surprisingly awesome. We did the river for the back half and it was gorgeous! I’d like to visit again during fall.

Awesome hike on New Year's Eve. The Green River was raging after the recent rain and very beautiful!

Enjoyed a great hike with my husband today on the trail. Beautiful views of the river during almost the entire trip. Nice balance of incline, descents and flats. Definitely joggable, as we jogged much the trail back. Highly recommend!

Easy trail. Crossing the river is a wet one for sure but nothing dangerous. The end result is one worth while. Beautiful falls with the ability to get up close and personal. Would be a great trip for the summer months. Highly suggest for families looking for an adventurous hike. Being extra shoes and socks. THIS HIKE IS DOABLE FOR FAMILIES AND CHILDREN. BRADLEY FALLS IS NOT.

Bradley Falls is one of the best waterfalls I personally have seen in North Carolina but I’ll say this. We took the trail down to the falls themselves and it is VERY DANGEROUS. The river crossing was a wet one as the log that bridged you to the other side has been washed away. The hike down is a treacherous one. A very slippery clime down with a repel that if you fall, in my opinion results in death. I honestly find it hard to believe this trail is actually open, but I did it and loved it. Again, I took the trail down to the falls. I don’t believe it’s the trail to the overlook.

Trail is sometimes hard to keep track of. Start markers are faded so make sure you look left and up for the trail ,not right along the water.

The river crossings were more challenging than expected but the waterfall was certainly worth the wet feet. You definitely need proper hiking boots trying to walk across the river rocks and maybe an extra pair of dry socks.

good hike with short but challenging parts to get close to the falls, several bolted top rope and sport climbing routes!

The trail has changed alot since the storms we had this year. crossing the river was a challenge for my short legs I wouldn't have made it if my husband hadn't helped me. The waterfall was beautiful as always though.

Did this trail with my partner. We're both not in great shape and this trail offered a great challenge and reward. first time through we took a right at the fork and almost went into private property. Came back the next day and went the proper way. As others have said there are lots of downed trees. Some climbing is required in certain parts. The falls are beautiful. Be careful!

It doesn't seem like many people hike to these two waterfalls and that is a shame because the are so close to the more popular Big and Little Bradley Falls. Melrose Falls seems to get more traffic.

Great trail to get a practice run in. It’s beautiful if you walk and see all of the ‘different’ falls.

This trail was very difficult and unclear at times to follow. 70% of the trails were good and marked clearly...but the rest were beyond difficult. Somewhere around the rock hop trail the trail became extremely unclear. we ended up in a field and the trail was no where. towards the end, the blue trail dead ends and we had to double back. Follow the yellow trail at the end if you begin along the river. This trail should definitely be marked as difficult.

3 months ago

There was a small group of us that was going to hike this. We actually did get about a half mile or so before turning back. The reason was the one of the children. The gunshots had him a bit spooked. Anyway hard to hike with one and seven year old. I probably would not write a review but it is apparent that there was some washed out areas and downed trees. Not suitable for younger children. There trail would have been fine for just me and the other half. Just know there was at least three areas of rock/mudslide within the first half mile

The falls at the end are worth the effort it takes to get there. Hurricane Florence took its toll on this trail so you have to climb over and around trees. I do not recommend this trail for children or small dogs. You need both hands to maneuver some of the areas and it is very rocky and slick almost from the beginning. Gorgeous waterfall.

Nice quick trail with a view of the Falls from high above the river.

3 months ago

Lots of damage at present due to Hurricane Florence.

The trail is in terrible shape from floods and mudslides. We got halfway through and with the trees down it became impassible. Hopefully they can come in to clean this trail up for others to enjoy. Our little boy liked getting to play in the creek since we didn’t get to see the waterfall.

Great trail. Path was a true hike with great scenery and steady climbs.

When you get to the trailhead, do not walk towards the creek, the actual trail is up to your left. Follow the red blazes. When it splits go right, across the creek. Two creek crossings.

Trail is in bad shape in a few places but mostly it’s flat and fairly moderate hike in. My old dog did okay, had to pick him up in a few places.

Waterfall is beautiful.

Great for dogs!!

Nice trail. Had some hard places to hike up for sure. Yes you do have to cross over a small river. Unless you can navigate rocks really well, you will have to take off your shoes to walk through or have water proof shoes on. Hearing the running water along the way was nice.

Fairly easy hike, but fun. Great waterfall . The trail could use some cleanup.

Great hike and beautiful scenery

Trail has really changed since last hike. While not a difficult trail, there are some stream crossings and some log/rock obstacles.
Trail now clearly marked with red blazes too.

NOTE: Aug 18, 2018
Been here many times. However - !!!
After crossing Cove Creek, the trail has suffered significant erosion. We attempted to follow along Cove Creek Gorge (see post from Jennifer) and it was precarious at best. After searching for alternatives to the falls, we gave up. It's do-able.... but be prepared to work for this one.

4 months ago

Beautiful waterfall but a bit difficult to find after the hike through the logging road. The logging road was nice and easy, wide enough and an easy walk for about 1 mile in and 1 mile out. The trail around the waterfall was a bit cleared but still a challenge to see at times, especially as you tried to approach and see the waterfall. The trail was semi cleared, lots of debris, less traveled so lots of poison ivy along the way to watch out for. If you have allergies to poison ivy, wear long pants to avoid contact.

4 months ago

Difficult trail to navigate, but following the directions given earlier was able to find a path to the water fall. A pleasant adventure and a beautiful waterfall worth the trek.

Great hike, some obstacles but well worth the small hike to the falls.

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