Loved this hike. I even did it with a baby strapped to me. The view of big Bradley falls was beautiful!

It is a nice trail, but I would not classify it as easy.

Went last Saturday before mothers day and had a blast! Went to the top of big bradley then to the bottom, using a small trail off the main path that lead to a rock we had to limb down by rope to get to our destination... and had to climb back up it to get out lol but over all was awesome! Not for faint of heart though. Lots of ups ad downs..steep trails with roots and rocks lol. But very worth it.

Saw two small waterfalls and one from a distance. Trail is blocked by large trees and there's not much sinage.. was a good hike but lots of the side trails dead ended.

Great hike along the the Green River ending at "The Narrows." Moderate ups and downs, but this place is a poison ivy jungle. It grows everywhere.

Go right. The description should say go right. I plan on doing it again because we went to the left of the road to the Big Bradley falls overlook and beyond. It is not marked at all and we just followed the crowd. Who mainly all went the wrong way. Oops. The way we went turned into a barely there trail with lots and of fallen trees. Loads of fun, but not the easy hike we thought we were going on.

Nice, easy hike for all fitness levels. Little work, with a big reward. Great place for a picnic.