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Did this yesterday. Loved it. Nice little workout and definitely beer/cheeseburger worthy! Will have to go again when I can spend more time at the river. Pack a lunch. I don’t think it’s kid friendly unless they are experienced hikers

Beautiful waterfall! We initially started on the trail to Big Bradley Falls but realized we were on the wrong trail (since we were using the app). We crossed the road and found the trail head (unmarked) to Little Bradley Falls. You have to cross the stream 2x and there are not enough rocks to hop across. (I fell in during the second crossing and my shoe floated away). Definitely planning on coming back in the summer.

1 month ago

It’s a moderate hike in until the end where you have to scramble down a steep hillside to view the falls. Then, scramble back up to the main trail. That part of the hike was certainly not moderate. Someone fortunately tied ropes to the trees to make it easier.

The round trip was 3.2 miles according to my gps/map I posted here. I suspect that the original route was shorter (2.7?) however, it appears that the trail was rerouted long enough ago that the original route was overgrown. I looked for where it may have cut off from the current trail but couldn’t find it.

I was told by a local kayaker who was hiking the trail that the two falls visible from where I scrambled down the ropes were called Sunshine and Rapid Transit. Had I continued further on the main trail I would have come to Gorilla Falls. Maybe next time.

Should really be rated difficult. It's really steep up for almost 4 miles, then pretty steep almost the whole way down. Probably wouldn't do this one again, especially not in the winter. Not many views once you got past the river. To me, the hard part of this (Bear Branch and down) wasn't worth the effort.

Great day hike! A trail with fun obstacles (rock hopping / log walking stream crossing + rope descent to bottom of the falls) beautiful views and a ton of potentially fatal fall opportunities! The danger is fun for the reasonably athletic and adventurous but I wouldn’t take the kids. The rope descent to the bottom of the falls is exciting and unlike any other hike I’ve done (do make sure the rope you choose to trust isn’t frayed. We came across one being held by a single cord, so we had to cut and re-tie). The descent takes about 20-30 minutes but the ascent only 10-15 minutes. After the rope descent, there is a small path that cuts left to the bottom of the falls. It’s pretty easy to miss but it’s worth it. It’s a majestic view from the bottom (especially during the golden lighting of late afternoon). Up on the main trail (before the rope descent trail) there’s another path that will take you to the top of the falls. The overall distance of this hike is short but there’s plenty of views and side trails to scratch your exploring itch, but you’ll still be able to get home for dinner. Loved the hike - Go check it out and enjoy the adventure (but also...don’t fall to your doom).

Nice hike. Fairly easy creek crossings. Some minor obstacles.

Beautiful area, however, had to cut it short. It should be written on here that this is a hunting area in the fall/early winter. Encountered a very grumpy toothless old man with a shotgun who was displeased with my presence. Definitely bring bright orange clothing. Also no sign here that says anything about Bradley falls trailhead.

Very nice hike through the woods to a beautiful waterfall/

Really nice 8 mile or so hike. Great winter views of nearby peaks. Nice view of lower Narrows section of the Green river.

Beautiful hike along the river. Bear Branch should be rated difficult because of the significant elevation gain. Make sure you have a trail map. Some trail forks can be confusing.

Really enjoyable hike, beautiful waterfall with a great swimming hole for the hot days.

It's clearly a beautiful waterfall, but I would recommend Little Bradley falls trail over this one. If you stay on the trail and don't attempt a descent, well..the view just isn't that great. The hike there is pleasant enough, but if you're looking for a waterfall payoff either a) go elsewhere or b) attempt the rope descent but please only if you are up to it. Also, loose dogs and errant children are a bad idea here, as there is little space at the overlook and no barrier of any kind.

2 months ago

Bradley Creek Trail is the LEFT hand spur where Little Bradley Falls Trail forks to the RIGHT and continues on the other side of the creek.. This spur connects The Little Bradley Falls trail to a private wooded residential neighborhood at the top of the mountain called Rixhaven. This lesser traveled, unmarked, creek-side trail is easy for ages 4 and up and nice if you want to see the forest in a more natural state (sights, sounds, wildlife, fallen trees, makeshift campsite, etc.). The only down side is 3/4 miles in the state forest abruptly ends where Rixhaven neighborhood begins as indicated by the many private property no trespassing signs.

A good afternoon hike with my pup! I ran into two other parties and was able to get a great workout in, all while taking in the numerous waterfalls.

3 months ago

Fantastic hike. You hear the rushing of the Pulliam Creek almost the whole trek down to Green River with a couple of easy crossings. Trail itself can be an ankle-turner - especially with the Fall leaf coverage, but it is well worth the visit. Nice trail for younger kids too.

We parked on the side of Big Hungry Rd maybe 25 yards from the trail head. But, there are lots of pull-offs for folks - saw 6-7 other cars when we got off the trail.

Nice post-Thanksgiving Say dinner hike.

really challenging hike if you go to the base of the fall. not recommended as there is a 30ft section of vertical wall that requires descending down a rope. remember that you have to climb back up that same wall. very steep decent all the down to the bottom, but the view is incredible.

really great fall with swimming hole.

Awesome! One of my favorite waterfall hikes.

Hiked the trail for the Green River kayak race. Fun trail, beautiful falls views.

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