Go right. The description should say go right. I plan on doing it again because we went to the left of the road to the Big Bradley falls overlook and beyond. It is not marked at all and we just followed the crowd. Who mainly all went the wrong way. Oops. The way we went turned into a barely there trail with lots and of fallen trees. Loads of fun, but not the easy hike we thought we were going on.

Nice, easy hike for all fitness levels. Little work, with a big reward. Great place for a picnic.

Nice falls. Would like to see them up close sometime.

7 months ago

I made the mistake of confusing this with Little Bradley Falls but it ended up being a great outing. I had my seven year old daughter and eight year old bulldog with me and even as tenacious as they both are, trying to reach the falls was too dangerous. We enjoyed the well worn path, playing along the river and the wildflowers in the first part of the trail. Several species of butterflies were all around as well.

The stream and small falls about half way there was fun but, getting on the overlook for Bradley Falls was dangerous and getting to the bottom of the falls was a major trick.

First Trail with my 10 y/o daughter. Great trail. Not too difficult and you cross over a creek early on. I recommend taking your shoes off and wade through.

9 months ago

The actual trail we followed for Bradley Creek is different than the trails other hikers have associated with this trail. The track we followed for the actual trail, although a scenic walk in the woods along a creek, about 3/4 in encounters several newer No Trespassing and Beware of Dog signs and what looks like a homeless persons campsite. It then promptly ends at a newer gravel road; no waterfall. A little anti-climactic to say the least. Our assumption is that most people are following the other numerous trails to either Little Bradley or Big Bradley Falls and associating it with Bradley Creek. Be sure to know which one you are hiking.