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Giant, old oaks draped in Spanish moss welcome you to this special world where broad, lazy Goose Creek joins the Pamlico River. A primitive camping area, picnic sites, swim beach and hiking and paddling trails offer a variety of ways to savor the tranquil surroundings at Goose Creek State Park. Goose Creek is conveniently located between historic Bath and the original Washington.

It is flat land. Good camping spots near the water. Bugs are bad in summer. We go in spring time late March or April and fish/ tent camping.

This as a great area to hike. The design of the trails is fantastic so that there are 7 individual trails that can all be done individually. Or you can link multiple together for longer walks. You cover marsh. Swamp. Waterfront. Forest. So much variety in this park you can easily spend half a day here and the go to the swimming hole to finish out.

Nice leisurely hike....saw a doe in the marsh and maybe a fox.....going back in June to camp

Beautiful scenery and an easy, sand strewn trail that parallels the Pamlico Sound. If you live in Greenville or the surrounding area and have a couple hours to kill, I’d recommend it.

Hiked this with a few of my friends a few months ago it was beautiful and I did a trail run lots of fun will come back for camping sometime.

I really enjoyed the hike. Beautiful scenery

Easy relaxing hike. Some areas were wet and very muddy so we had to make some “bridges” to get across without sinking in the mud. Beach area is a cute area and perfect to picnic at.

Great trails through the woods and the boardwalk across the swamp is incredible. Watched a muskrat from about 10 feet away for 20 minutes. The beach where the river opens up is beautiful as well. Great place to spend several hours.

Beautiful scenery. Casual as you want.

An oasis tucked away a few miles outside downtown Washington, NC.

No idea why trail running isn't tagged because I think it's the best activity for this series of linked trails. They host 5 / 10 mile races in November.

Terrain is flat / low difficulty, well cleared and marked. The maps are good for navigating and tying the 6 or 7 different trails together. Trails consist of dirt, leafs, pine needles, tree roots, some rock and decent mud after rainfall plus several strips of boardwalk (one that must be at least a half mile long), which can be slick after rain or early morning dew.

Incredible scenery from the thick pine barrens to views of the river, swamps, creek and bay. I think late fall / winter are the most ideal times of year since there's next to no bugs.

Very nice day hike.

Nice, well maintained trails and great swamp scenery. A lot of wildlife to see out here too. Recommend for anyone in the area, but bring plenty of bug spray!

Great hike. Make sure you bring waterproof hiking boots or at the very least some clean pairs of socks. We had to remove our shoes and walk through some pretty big puddles on the flooded parts of the trails where we couldn't make impromptu bridges out of fallen trees and logs. Although, we walked it after a tropical storm moved through the area, to be fair. We had fun though, it made for a great adventure. And bring bug spray, those damn yellow flies are vicious, blood-thirsty devils.

I like hiking and camping, I think this park is awsome.

This is a great series of trails interconnected, so you can make it as long as you want. Trails are clearly marked. There is a nice secluded pier is you stay to the left on the Mallard Creek trail. Small sandy beach at the live oak trail. This would make a great trail run if you are a runner saw a hawk and snapping turtle right invite trail. You can also bike this.

It was a nice easy beautiful hike

This is a great place to go! Some many trails to choose from - many that end up at the river!

Beautiful!!! I absolutely loved the trails, the scenery, and also the history that lies in the park!! Definitely worth a visit!!!!

I enjoyed the different trial.

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