mountain biking
12 days ago

some signs are misleading, but this trail has some really intense downhill sections and other fun stuff but it can be hard to tell which trail you're on at times.

It's a little confusing now, but improvements and signage are ongoing. It is a directional track, and at some point I ended up in the same direction as bikes, turned around and took a different trail (part of Intermediate also I think?), but eventually "created" a loop that got me back to my car. At the point where I could see the VFW on the right, I went through the woods there. The Geitner trail is at the back past the building, and soon thereafter I joined up to the Hickory Springs Loop trail on the right (to get out of the sun of the asphalt Geitner Trail). I intended to do the complete Intermediate Loop, but part of it is for bikes only due to a fast downhill section. Good views of the lake, and a moderate workout hike close to home.

3 months ago

mountain biking
4 months ago