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Nice MST section through the woods at Falls Lake, lots of ups and downs around the fingers of the lake. Good for trail running, dog walking, family outings. Park in the upper parking area of the Upper Barton Creek Boat Ramp area and trail entrance is to the east of the parking lot (looking uphill to the right). Can be muddy in spots after hard rains. During winter months you can see more of the lake. Some remote beach areas as well. Enjoy!

I tried running this in November. The trail is well marked, but a half mile into the run it crossed a stream that looked to be about 3-feet deep. It looked like it could be passable at certain time of year, but not in November. Had to turn around.

Trail is washed out/flooded at 1.5 miles in from the gravel parking lot. Not very scenic and no view -can’t get to Falls Lake because of the high water. Quiet and no traffic tho - perfect if you want to get out and off the high trafficked trails

great trail for all skill levels!

I wouldn’t consider this moderate… It is a great trail lots of trees, flora and fauna. Do consider this a very nice trail close to home well worth the day

Great moderate run with solid mix of steep grades and gradual elevation changes. Not too much traffic so easy to get in the groove. Early mornings are the best. My dog definitely loves it!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

I have hiked many parts of this trail numerous times. The Possum Track and Raven Ridge are my favs. It's usually not too busy either. Except for the catfishers near the roads, who leave their trash and the boats blasting trap rap in the summer time, this place is away from it all. A great escape and lots of options for short or long hikes.

Nice trail!

Nice day for a walk in the woods. Coolish temps and a light breeze. Not the typical steamy end of July weather! Jackie and I had a nice relaxing time. Just bought some new Keen Durand boots last night at REI and wanted to see how they worked. Nice and comfortable as expected.

Some sections are better than others.

There are issues with dogs not on leashes. Most of the dogs are from the surrounding homes. Be prepared to protect yourself and bushwhack a bit as needed.

The trail itself is a fantastic way to challenge yourself on distance.

trail running
Sunday, April 16, 2017

Always a great place to run

Monday, January 02, 2017

We hiked out and back on sections 1 and 2 of the FLT / MST from the Falls Lake Dam to the end of Possum Track Road. - Section 1 starts at Falls Lake dam’s Tailrace Fishing Area, where it meets the Neuse River Trail (a paved trail that goes south along the river) and takes you on the south side of Falls Lake to Raven Ridge Road. Make sure you take a right as you meet the road (don't cross it because you'll get into the Honeycutt gameland trail which is gray blazed instead of white blazed), and go across the lake spur to the other side and connect with Section 2 that takes you to Possum Track road. Section 2 is known as the Raven Ridge Ramble, one of the older stretches of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. Make sure you wear bright colors during hunting season as you'll be in and out of gamelands all along the FLT. While not really my kind of trail as it's a lot of hiking in the woods, it's best in winter when you can see the lake. For a New Year's eve hike, this was a good workout, about 14 miles or so.
More info on the FLT sections: http://www.ncmst.org/the-trail/mst-day-hikes/day-hikes-at-falls-lake/

Sunday, December 04, 2016

It maybe the late Fall season, but this was the most boring trail I have been hiking. It is mostly flat and I saw no scenic view. While on the trail, all the sounds I heard were the planes from the sky, the cars from the road and the gun shots from the nearby fire range. Not recommended.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Great trail for a workout.

Great undulating trails with nice tree canopy shade! Nicely challenging with changing views. Very similar to Umstead trails but with less creeks and streams. Didn't find much drinkable water for my dog though, creek are stagnant. I did enjoy my hike!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Super cool. Did the last segment (Falls Lake Dam), and it was easy and beautiful. Few people in the trail (just saw 3 people).

can't wait to get to the other sections

My husband and I have spent the last couple of months doing sections of this trail on Sundays. Lot of fun. Easy hiking. Some stretches are prettier than others. For most sections, we barely ever run into anyone else, maybe 1-2 people/couples.

Iron scout leg 2.. Awesome

Good trail, very easy walk

We hiked this section listed here today and another at the east end of the lake towards the dam yesterday. Yesterday's was prettier I think and made for a nice trail run as our 3 and 8 year old only did one way (3 miles) and I ran back to get the car. Both nice hikes but once is sufficient I think.

To update: The Mountains to Sea Trail in the Triangle now is continuous from Pleasant Green Road in Orange Co/Eno State Park to Falls Lake Dam. The Neuse River Greenway will soon be incorporated to add another 30+ miles to Clayton and Johnston County.

In reply to David Oh's post: Yes...Much of the the Falls Lake Trail (MST) does pass through NC Wildlife gameland tracts. However, hunting tends to be very minimal on the east of NC 50 as the trail pass more near roads and residential properties. Hunting tends to increase more west of NC 50 as the sections become more remote and follow around NC Wildlife field plots.

I have hiked the entire trail all through out the year, and have rarely came upon a hunter. There are sections of the trail that pass through State Park and city/county lands where hunting is prohibited.

To any and all hikers, just be wise and wear your blaze orange during hunting seasons.

With the completion of 100+ feet bridge over Lick Creek, the FLT is now a continuous footpath 61.8 miles long, that Randy mentioned below, runs from the dam on the east to Penny's Bend on the west.

The initial focus was to get the trail dug, which has been done, and now we are revisiting areas that still need bridges, but even without all the planned bridges, under normal circumstances you can walk the entire trail with little difficulty.

To address some of what David Oh said -- In some areas the trail does cross over Wildlife Game Lands where hunting is allowed in season. I have worked on this trail and been hiking this trail for almost 7 years and have only come across hunters or gunshots about 3 times. If you do hike in season, you should wear blaze orange. Check the NC Wildlife Commission website for specific hunting seasons, deer season being the one of most concern. If the trail did not cross gamelands, we would not have 60+ mile continguous trail right here in the Triangle.

David's "lame" comment is in itself lame. It does a disservice to a lot of hard work and a lot of time devoted by hundreds of volunteers who worked over many years to make this trail a reality. Even in hunting season, it is by no means a "death" trail. You just have to be aware of your surroundings and decide ahead of time if you want to hike bad enough to hike during hunting season. David took one thin slice of time in one thin slice of the trail and made a snap judgement about the trail as a whole. Not cool.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The trail unfortunately leads to a death trail. You end up hiking for about .5 mile and end up in a hunting zone where you hear gun shots. You are greeted by a hiker beware sign that warns hiking beyond the point can lead to serious injury or death!! WTF!. Ugh! Lame.

It is a nice easy/moderate trail, starting from NC 50 (Creedmore Rd) and heading east. Today, I got a late start, so I only did about 2 miles in before turning around. Not much to see other than foliage, and you can't use the trail (I wouldn't) during hunting season.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Just starting to do sections of the trail with the dog. The trail from the Baptist Road trailhead eastbound is in very good shape. No significant blowdowns, maintenance has been solid, markings are clear ('though I'd like the maintainers to settle on one color for the circle dots :) ). That blazing was always evident on the short 5k up and back we did. Crossed a newish looking bridge in excellent shape over one creek, and had a delightful view of the moon rising over the trees and into the broken cloud cover at dusk -- camera didn't capture it well.

I know the Lake fairly well and the only reason this wasn't 5 star wasn't the fault of the trail or terrain. In a mixed wooded second-growth area, there aren't a lot of vistas. I'm walking in the woods with occasional views of Falls Lake. I wouldn't say it's boring -- it's just not breath-taking. Really love the rolling hill terrain. Didn't see another soul, 'though we startled a dozen or more whitetail.

I enjoyed the first half of the trail. The second half of the trail is unmarked and over grown. It is also in a hunting area so hikers should be careful around hunting seasons.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The eastern terminus of the FLT is at the Falls Lake Dam tailrace in Falls, NC. The western terminus will be at Penny's Bend on the Eno River near Durham, NC. The Falls Lake Task Force of the Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail builds and maintains the FLT and should reach the western terminus by year's end 2010. The entire 60 mile length of hiking trail will be complete when a 100-foot pedestrian bridge is constructed over Little Lick Creek, probably 2011. For more information about the Falls Lake Trail and the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, including volunteer opportunities, go to the ncmst dot org website.

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