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Minutes from Durham, Hillsborough, and Chapel Hill the Eno River State Park offers secluded wilderness trails with the serenity of a clear river drifting and cascading over a rocky stream bed. The Eno River is a swift, shallow stream flowing from northwest Orange County into Durham County for 33 miles where it joins the Flat River to become the Neuse and flows into Falls Lake. Its waters roll through wilderness, passing historic mill sites, river bluffs covered with flowering shrubs, and fords used by early settlers. Rains can turn the river into a raging torrent, yet it quickly settles into a gentle current. It is a chain of rapids, pools, and riffles meandering through forest on a bed of rock. The valley of the river is narrow and steep walled. The rugged landscape is carved and sculpted by swift flowing water. Eno River State Park lies here, in the beauty of more than 3900 acres of natural resources. Five accesses Cabe Lands, Cole Mill, Fews Ford, Pleasant Green, and Pump Station offer entry into this largely unspoiled river environment.

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Nice flat 4 mile RT trail along the Eno between West Point on the Eno and 4404 Guess Road [at the bridge]. The Eagle trail parallels the MST near Guess Road; you don't miss much if you use the MST instead, as the MST tracks right beside the Eno and is more interesting. This is great for trail running and a nice stroll along the river.

Starting at West Point on the Eno, this trail starts at the bottom of the hill from the parking lot just past the bridge to the right of the picnic area. Note the trail is not well marked and some additional signage would help, but the trail has a white blaze until you make the short water crossing and take an immediate left where it becomes a red blaze to Sennett Hole. I was hoping for a longer hike and passed Sennett Hole - apparently not a bad fishing spot with bass and lots of bluegill. I started up the hill from the hole and found out it goes to a nearby neighborhood. On the way back I went to the end of the point along the sewer line, then backtracked to the same point I first made the water crossing and took a left on the South River Trail. All of the trails on this side of the Eno are short. Nothing to write home about.

9 days ago

Nice moderate hike with plenty of river time for the dogs.

on Cox Mountain Trail

9 days ago

Fun trail, decent elevation change. Terrain was moderate and trail running in the fall makes it very easy to stumble on tree roots or rocks. Be careful! I ended up at 3.3mi but I think I missed the 1.5mi loop on the back. I went counter clockwise and when I came to an intersection got confused and went back to the trail head. Either way, awesome state park.

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