2 mile loop portion very steep on return. Great views if not for preponderance of development, etc. and lift construction in process.

Beautiful hike through trees and grass. Views on top were amazing.

We loved this trail! Do not be deterred by the 11.5 mile in and out. There are tons of loops and various “bailout” points that make your hike as long or as short as you’d like. It was a beautiful day and we love the fact that beech mountain is about 7-10 degrees cooler than even Boone!

Hiked about half of the trail system last weekend and loved it! Plenty of wildlife to see as well as great views. Beginning of trail is very easy but does get a little more strenuous as you go. Very doable by most fitness levels.

After the fog burned off, turned out to be a beautiful day for skiing. Starting out with the slopes impossible to see and ski with any speed, turned out to be a great day. Beech is perfect for intermediates and the black diamonds are fine if you ski in control and ice is not an issue [nearby Sugar Mountain has a longer run from the top, and the best eastern skiing is at Snowshoe]. Crowds can be a problem on weekends and holidays, but during the week, go for it!
During the summer biking and hiking are king. Enjoy!

Highest town in eastern America. And there is always something to do no matter what time of year you visit. Great views...good skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking...even a wonderful sledding hill for the little ones.

Not as hard as I thought it would be!

Solid place and would come again. Not too crowded when I went and really nice people.

Amazing not crowded great lifts great services.

Great hike lots of elevation changes with the highest point a mile high

Oz is open the first weekend of October and worth hiking during that time of year.

Beautiful short hike. Pretty falls and great place for a summer dip,

The land of OZ, typically a ski resort, have hiked this a few times in the fall, great panoramic views to the northwest (Smokies) and back to the east (Grandfather, etc).

For those mountain bikers that really enjoy technical stuff, Beech Mountain Adventure Park is for you. Aside from the maze of roads you can ride all day, here are the trails. Be sure to pick up a trail map at the Town Hall before you set out! SECTION 1: SKI RESORT. These trails are downhillers following the slopes down to the bottom. A chairlift services these trails during the summer. Most of the bike races are held here. Most of these trails are closed November- May. SECTION 2: EMERALD OUTBACK. Emerald outback was the first phase to open for this bike park. There are 7 miles of trails here, but most are very root-laden. Trails use old roadbeds also, with great views along the Chamberlain's Loop trail. These trails make for a taxing ride, so train hard. If you choose to keep going- for a full day outing- take the Powerline trail to West Bowl. SECTION 3: WEST BOWL. This area is certainly a place for exploring, as only half of it is on the map. Furthermore, the Town of Beech mountain has not developed this area much yet. To make an entrance, speed demons can ride downhill by using the Super G trail. At the bottom, some trails intertwine, providing some exploration. GPS is recommended, since this area has not been covered and developed in full detail- yet. From here, you can paved take N. Pinnacle Ridge Rd. back up the hill and to the ski slopes where you started. A great place for adventurers. Terrain is moderate to strenuous.

I basically have skied here all my life. The slopes are very nice, and the quad chair is very fast and gets you to the top. Not the biggest resort around, but it is less crowded, and has great views from the top. There is a very special run on the backside called Oz. Oz is only open once out of every 3 ski seasons, so it is great skiing it while its open! Other great winter activities here include ice skating, snowboarding, and tubing. A children's sledding hill operates at the town hall. During the summer, the mountain's downhill trails, Emerald Outback, and West Bowl are all open to some rooty mountain biking. Hiking and geocaching are also available. A nice area indeed.

The first time I came here I was surprised to find such good ski conditions this far south. But the next time they couldn't even open.

I'm a snowboarding fanatic. This mountain is really fun to ride. The staff are very friendly. The slopes aren't always well-kept, but they're pretty good.

Been skiing here but the trail has great MountainBiking in the summer. Attend the NORDA races in July and get great deals on Kenda tires from the Kenda trailer!!! Like, 1/2 price! The lift up is all manned by someone else, they load your bike and you ride down....super trails all around the lift or hit one of the runs(used for skiing) and wear out some brake pads!

The last time I was here which was about 5 yrs ago the place seemed to be really run down. I hope they have made some improvements, if not, I'd chose Sugar Mountain Ski Resort next door. My favorite thing to do here at Beech is outdoor Ice Skating :)

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