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This is not the best waterfall in DuPont but maybe the most private. The trails are nice and shady most of the way. Absolutely check it out after you've been to Bridal, High, Triple, and Hooker Falls! There's no place in DuPont That isn't worth checking out.

Easy hike to a pretty water fall. Good access to other hikes as well.

Beautiful waterfalls. Very popular hike

The falls are very pretty, but I was very disappointed in the “hike” to get to the falls. It’s all on gravel service roads. Also, there really aren’t any views of mountains which I prefer. This is rated as an easy hike, but there was a decent elevation change several times. Maybe it was just the summer heat and humidity, but I was pretty miserable most of the hike. We parked at the Fawn Lake access and took the Fawn Lake Rd trail up to the Airstrip Trail then crossed over to the Conservatory Rd trail and onto the Bridal Veil Falls trail...maybe there was an easier way?? BUT—the falls are very pretty!!
PS: if you want to get wet and swim and stay for a while, there’s a nice mountain lake not far into the hike. If we’d been prepared, we would’ve stayed there and swam. Didn’t see any place to pay a fee so I assume it’s free. People brought in tents and coolers and chairs. We’ll definitely go back just for that!

Easy hike, even for our kids and little dog. Well marked and maintained trail!

Falls were nice, but I would hardly describe these as trails. More like a path. Lots of people.

Fantastic, great hike with incredible views.

Very easy hike, would not describe as moderate. The Falls are Great. A lot of people got in the water at the High Falls to get a better view and cool down! Highly trafficked trail! Great trail for animals!

Very easy hike mostly along gravel paths and some roads. Pay off is at the end of the trail arriving at the bottom of a full flow Bridal Veil Falls.

The directions to the waterfall were very unclear. Ended up backtracking and trying a different route, found the top of the falls, & found a little walk through water area but that was all. Not my favorite

20 days ago

Beautiful scenic hike with easy to navigate/clearly marked paths. We hiked all the way up to the covered bridge at High Falls with our 5 and 7 year old. Definitely a workout - but so worth it!



High water flow from the rains makes it even better than usual!

Easy trail. Beautiful waterfalls!

Nice trails even in the rain. BTW there are clean;ish) port a potties!!!

Good trail. Empty on Sunday. Lots of water after the rain

Very accessible hike with incredible falls along the way. The elevation gain is all in a very short party of the trail, side from that it was easy going. We hiked all the way to Hooker Falls which was a little disappointing after seeing High Falls and Triple Falls it did look like a nice place to swim when a bit warmer though.

Pretty easy trail but highly trafficked. Viewing points of the waterfalls where pretty awesome. Trail is really well kept.

1 month ago

This was and easy hike and a beautiful falls. We hiked up the rock and actually got up behind the falls. Such a fun day!

nature trips
1 month ago

This was a very easy and short walk. There is a little fishing pond and there are fish here. The water is so clear you can see the fish swimming halfway across the pond, with the right lighting.

There is a picnic shelter and it would be a great place to take the kids for a little outing.

The river bend trail is not a flat trail good for walking. It looks like they are planning a trail there but it’s not ready yet.

The rest of the trails are great. Mostly packed dirt. Was nice to get down to the base of the falls and crawl on the rocks. Nice place to sit and have a snack. Lots of people had their dogs.

Got caught in a hale storm. Just shows you have to go prepared. All in all, great day!

Not too challenging. Kids 5, 8, 10, and 12 all hiked it and enjoyed a swim in the middle. Will definitely do it again!

Loved hiking this trail! Extremely well marked and a highly trafficked area. We got there around 7:45am and we were the only people there. By time we left around 11, the parking lot was full of cars. Really enjoyed all the different waterfalls!

This is a great trail. The only downside is the amount of bikers on the trail. As long as you pay attention you will be fine, but there is still a risk.

Trail was easy to hike with 4 kids ages 3-9. Most of the trail is gravel, so we kept getting it in our keens. We recommend boots or athletic shoes to prevent that. Pretty views. No suitable place for little kids to enter and play in the water.

1 month ago

Clean, easy trail with an awesome river view and steps that take you down to the base of the falls for a nice close up of this beauty. It can get crowded, especially in the spring and summer months...early morning or late afternoon hike is recommended.

Gorgeous and peaceful. Hiked with a 2 month old in a carrier and 4 year old through Hooker Falls and Triple Falls and everyone had fun!

1 month ago

beautiful waterfall. easy hike

A beautiful day hiking Triple Falls, High Falls and Hooker Falls. Incredible views.

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