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1 month ago

All Korstian and Blackwood sections of Duke Forest are closed Monday through Friday until 12/14/18 for deer herd reduction.:(

3 months ago

EDIT Jan. 2019: The trail is open, but there is a flooded area that makes the 2nd half inaccessible. Loved the first half and hoping to go back soon to see the rest once the water goes down!

TRAIL/FOREST CLOSED UNTIL END OF DECEMBER 2018. Don’t waste your time and drive out here like we did. :) Will update review once we actually get to try out this trail!

We enjoyed the trail but were confused on how to finish it. The trail had brush on it and seemed to dead end into private property. Would be interested to hear from people who were able to complete the trail.

4 months ago

The trail is butterfly shaped. The left wing was not available at New Hope Creek. Bill Watson’s description below is still accurate. Going east to west, the trail is blocked by a big rock at NHC near the intersection with Rhodo Trail.

It's a nice little trail with a surprisingly high "mountain" compared to the area around it. It isn't really challenging and doesn't have the best views but it's definitely a fun trail that is pretty hidden in Durham/Chapel Hill. The best part for me is being right next to New Hope Creek which can be really relaxing and beautiful at times. Be warned of lots of roots/rocks and one small river crossing, which there is a few logs to climb over.

Great trail. Definitely need good hiking shoes as there is an abundance of rocks and roots along the trail. One water crossing needed to complete the trail and a short section of rocks to climb over along New Hope Creek

trail running
5 months ago

This was my third time. The trail is a bit confusing & you may take a few scenic routes because it is actually parts of trails that are connected. That said, there is tons of wild life! Today we ran into three different kinds of snakes both on the trail & in the water. One of them was a copperhead-we’re still alive! We also saw different colored butterflies; crazy shrooms; & salamanders. The abundantly mossy path lets you know it is sparsely traveled. About halfway through, there are some rocks you can skip and sit in the middle of the creek to stretch and soak the sun. It may only be a handful of rocks to climb over, but for a trail run, it’s the right amount of adventure. The steep gravel road on concrete bridge road is challenging if you’re trying to run. Once you’re over it- your thighs will feel like the most powerful thighs.

6 months ago

I really liked this trail ... my favorite so far in the Duke Forest. Got a great view of the New Hope Creek.

Fantastic trail for the area. I'd recommend hiking as much of the new hope creek trail down by the water as possible, going all the way to erwin road following the creek.

Do note, though, the .8 section of trail between concrete bridge and wooden bridge passes across an incredibly steep and rocky hill. This hill section is unmarked and I would not try it without going down on all fours and it's pretty hairy even then..

7 months ago

Nice trail but got difficult by the creek. Would have been fine but slippery due to recent rain. Dogs loved it

Basically a nice 4 mile loop on gravel fire roads in lush and quiet Duke Forest. Some nice gradual ups and downs to a concrete bridge and another to a wooden bridge, and connected by a short stint on Whitfield Road between Wisteria and Sunrise at the fire station. I saw 5 skinks along the route, 1 blue-lined, 3 gray and 1 giant red skink - May must be the time they come out. Great place for a morning stroll, trail run or walking your dog. Not my idea of a real hike, but good place to get away. Good parking along Whitfield road on either end of the Whitfield Road segment; if one is crowded, try the other one.

Nice moderate walk with nice creek views and a bluff

it is perfekt to go with dog and without dog.

Best trail I’ve done in the triangle so far. The rock scrambles were a nice surprise and the overall walk was great.

trail running
9 months ago

Loved it! This really felt more like a playground than a trail. I had loads of fun scrambling along the rocks on the bank, running up the hill near the entrance multiple times bc I missed the very obvious turn off to where I parked, and finding different ways to land in the stream (note: I highly recommended using the cheater stick that someone kindly left by the tree crossing...especially helpful if your legs get shakey on the return trip). I lost my way multiple times though each was totally worthwhile. It’s all well marked, so if I’d been paying attention rather than playing, there wouldn’t have been any reason to double back or run in circles.

little to no parking

great hike with some nice rocks and falls to see! water level too high today to comfortably cross anywhere but the actual bridge (which was itself underwater)

Great moderate to hard hike that is easy to fit into a slow Saturday. Over half the trail meanders with the creek and it can get very rocky at times.

If you are bringing a dog make sure they are very well trained on the leash. There are plenty of great spots along the creek to climb around.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

This loop trail in Duke Forest has a little bit of everything. Nice views, a steep climb, beautiful creek views, and even some rocks to scramble over. Great hike.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Fun hike with my 6 and 10 year-old boys as they called it the “off roading”. The trail is hard to follow and rocky at times with some climbing involved, but it’s fun and pretty.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Kristen and I️ wanted to run but trail too Rough and rocky and leaf covered. We were concerned about footing so we walked. Great trees and great creeks. Some elevation change. A few confusing loops Great time.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Varied route taking in the highs and lows of New Hope Creek. Although this trail could be attempted at any time, personally I would not attempt some of the creek crossing or rocky scrambles on a wet day or after lots of rain when the creek might be quite high. Parts of New Hope Creek trail looks like it can be easily flooded.

trail running
Sunday, September 10, 2017

I find it easiest to enter the loop to the right, down slick hill trail. If you cross the creek you can connect to concrete bridge road via hard climb road ...altogether a beautiful run!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

nice once you figure out the parking is on the main road, was really hard to find. after awhile the path narrowed and was a really nice scenic trail. would defenetly go back again!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Great hike if you don't get lost. If you do just try to stay along the river

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Some parts of the marked trail are a scramble over rocks or large fallen trees. There are alternate routes around most of these. A few areas of the marked trail are well overgrown, having been superseded by more expedient alternate routes. It's a quiet, low-traffic treat.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I lost the trail at several points and had to scramble over some boulders. Definitely not appropriate for an amateur like me!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Great trail for an afternoon walk with friends

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Part of Duke Forest, good trail for trail running and walking your dog if you stay on the gravel roads. If you walk the primitive foot trail connector along the creek, expect there to be some scrambling on the rock wall, look for lots of roots, overwash, bugs, and overgrown areas. I suspect this is not maintained and am not a fan of this one.

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