Feel your daily stresses melt away as you cross the historic Dismal Swamp Canal and walk along the 900-foot boardwalk into this geological wonder. Experience first hand the lush swamp forest and get up-close and personal with the wide variety of wildlife. For the adventurer, there are 18 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. Or, enjoy a leisurely paddle down the Dismal Swamp Canal in your canoe or kayak. Learn why George Washington called the Dismal Swamp a glorious paradise, how the swamp was important in the Underground Railroad and the ecological importance of wetlands in the visitor center and exhibit hall. All of this and more can be found just 3 miles south of the NC/VA border on US Hwy 17.

I walked on this trail from a rest stop next to the NC Dismal Swamp State Park. It is well paved and entirely flat. Since it was next to off the US 17 so it was pretty noisy.

scenic driving
1 year ago

I liked the NC setion better, but it was a nice day.

mountain biking
1 year ago

It was a great day for a bike ride. A beautiful sunshine mid-December day.

1 year ago

This is my kind of trail; a walk in the woods on a single track trail. It is an easy trail and wooded all the way. All that and a beautiful mid December day. I was walking along with my camera turned on and ready to fire when a bob-cat ran across the trail in front of me. Sorry, but I could not get the picture in time. I have never seen one in Virginia before.

This is the Virginia section of the canal trail. It runs along US 17 most of the way, so don't come seeking solitude. It is actually part of the inland water way.