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Best hike in WNC by far if you want views and waterfalls... some real hidden gems on this circuit. Also not heavily trafficked.

Decent hike. It had been raining earlier that day, but the trail wasn’t muddy. A little swampy in some parts but not very muddy because the ground was somewhat sandy. Part of the trail goes along a creek and there was a few spots where you cross it. Somehow miraculously made it across without getting my socks wet. I didn’t see the big waterfall that is the main picture for this trail so I guess you have to take one of the side trails to get to it. Will have to go back again when I have more time to wander around and find it.

22 days ago

Good trail, tough in a few spots. Didn't see the view points that the pictures showed, so I was a little disappointed with that. otherwise it was a great workout!

26 days ago

pretty views, good day hike, few challenging areas, trail runs next to water for a good bit

start at the hatchery! not the river.. maybe im out of shape but went uphill most of the hike until the john rock intersection, kicked my tail. very very muddy due to recent snow melt. nice hike on the way down toward the hatchery again just not on a wet day, lots of nice streams.

Either the people who gave this hike 4-5 stars did a different hike than me, or I totally failed to find the good lookout points. I couldn't find one open spot where I wasn't looking through a bunch of trees. I have no idea where people are getting these wide open pictures. I passed another couple of hikers who said the same thing. Also, the map is pretty off at one point, I had to hike that stretch back and forth a few times before I figured it out. Overall, pretty disappointing. I wouldn't recommend it for anything other than just getting some exercise in the woods. Didn't find it too challenging, its a lot of up and down but none of the inclines are very long.

Moderate difficulty with great views from John Rock. However, the trail is poorly marked.

nice, easy, pretty trail with good campsites nearby

Outstanding hike!

Great Ling hike - moderately aggressive. Fantastic view from John Rock! Nice waterfalls and streams along the way

nice day hike, look forward to hiking the rest of the Art Loeb

This is an easy hike to see a great waterfall. It's only 1 mile from parking area to Cove Creek Falls. After seeing the falls head back down to the second group campsite where there is a sliding rock with swimming area. You can slide on your butt however it looks like more fun on inner tubes. Great place for kids.

Great trail!!

Very poorly marked. After reaching a small open field, I went in. Circles for about 10 minutes trying to find where the trail picked back up before i gave up and went back.

Moderate Hike with plenty of good camping spots to make a nice overnight backpacking trip . Starts from the fish hatchery parking lot . Great views from Johns Rock . Can be a little crowded on the weekend .

A great trail if you're looking for a steep incline

4 months ago

Was a great walk through the woods! Got to see some fall color on the backside of the mountain, pass the Art Loeb trail blaze. Waterfall was a little disappointing because you really couldn’t see it from the trail with the leaves on the trees.

Nice hike, a bit disappointed with the fall colors and water fall.

4 months ago

This is a great trail. if you cut off to the John Rock Trail about a mile or so in, you hike up a good ways onto John Rock and get an amazing view of Pilot Mountain.

New at Hiking. And I love them all, but this one is great. A good work out, and the beauty of a waterfall. My 2 favorite things! (I added 3280 trail at about the half way point to get more altitude. )

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