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Raptors soar gracefully in the wind; vegetation reaches to the sky; sheer vertical cliffs drop 150 feet. Enjoy the spectacle from a front-row seat. High atop Crowders Mountain, the second highest point in Gaston County, views stretch for more than 25 miles. For a closer view of nature's marvels, walk the park's many miles of trails. The gently rolling landscape of the North Carolina Piedmont offers a variety of terrain. Dip into the valleys; cross the foothills; climb to the peaks. Quiet woods, trickling streams and melodious birds await. These spectacular surroundings, like the unique habitats in many other state parks, would not exist were it not for the efforts of concerned citizens dedicated to protecting our environment.

The tower trail is not really a trail but more like a gravel road. The incline is steep but not strenuous as stated. Anyone with a decent amount of exercise can do this hike. On our way up we did see some folks struggling to make it up to the top. Once you get up there there are some rocks on which you could rest to take in the view. The view is alright with trees covering up the view point at some sections. We hit the trail as early as 8:45am & the parking lot at that time was almost full. On our way back they had a security guard monitoring the parking lot for spaces & letting cars in only if there was space available. So go early! Also, we saw that the trail got super crowded on our way down. Overall, an OK trail to do for some exercise.

Amazing view. It's gets pretty steel in the last bit of it and then you have to climb some rocks but it's totally worth it when you see the view. Love this place!

short but a great workout! great view and eagles were flying so that was pretty cool.

3 days ago

Great trail. Very rocky in spots. near the end there is a incline. If you wana climb up to top of pinnacle there is some rocks to climb. 360 views at the top

8 days ago

The trail is wide and doesn't have the rocks and roots that the Pinnacle Trail has on it. We went up the Pinnacle Trail but came back to the visitor's center via the Turnback Trail and it was mostly downhill or flat with a few very short climbs. It would be a better trail to take to Pinnacle Point if you had trouble with roots or rocks. It was also less crowded than the Pinnacle Trail. There are no spectacular views on this trail.

8 days ago

The trail is rocky in spots. It is very crowded on weekends it seems. The view at the top is good and has some shade in spots. My four year old did it without any problems.

This full loop was super boring. The trail's not that hard especially if you started off doing this one first. I started this one when I finished Pinnacle on the same hike. Also, barely good views.

17 days ago

This trail isn't hard, it's kind of boring unless you're new to hiking or something. The last section is some steep hill. If you go all the way at the end, there's a second scenic view. you have to climb down to it. There's also another trail on the left when you reach the boulder climb at the top that connects to Kings Mountain.

I love love love hiking this

on Pinnacle Trail

21 days ago