Photos of Croatan National Forest Bird Watching Trails

off trail
over grown
7 days ago

Overall this is a good trail. As the latest few reviews stated, it doesn’t look like it has been trafficked much lately. The trail already had been modified after hurricane Florence so there are parts where you have to go over fallen trees to return to the path. I did the trail back in April and it was a lot easier to follow. Yesterday, plants were over grown in the middle of the path. If I hadn’t done the trail multiple times, I wouldn’t have known where to go. There are orange and pink bands tied around the trees to help follow the trail. Those did help a lot. I would recommend holding off on the trail for a few more weeks if you’ve never done it so the trail is more easily identified as more people use it. As others mentioned, the actual trail is pretty short, but you can follow another trail around which makes it roughly 3.5 miles.

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