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There are really two trails here. A shorter one if you stay on the small inner loop, and a larger 4 mile remote trek if you can navigate its scarce markers. Gentle slopes in some places, but mostly flat throughout. I will definitely hike this again.

11 days ago

16 days ago

Nice trail. I have been on it several times and have lost the trail at the southern end each time - it just seems to vanish. The ticks are very heavy!

Very pretty but would not do it again. The trail is poorly marked. Worth doing once though.

Very hot and humid as it is this time of year. Well maintained trail. Defiantly stroller accessible IF yours has BOB style wheels. Lots of smells crabs to watch and fish jumping. The sun on the water is beautiful. Wooden walk way over the water is in great shape. Parking lot had plenty of room too. I did it with a 7 month old on my back.

Absolutely beautiful trails and well maintained! The only reason I would not rate higher is because the trails are not marked at all.

Still, they are clean and easy to navigate with interpretive signs along the way with plenty of wildlife. My seven year old son and I saw plenty of fiddler crabs, a blue crab, orb weaver spiders and egrets.

1 month ago

great walk for a family

Great place for a run or stroll! Just make sure that you bring or spray yourself with mosquito repellent & plenty of sunscreen!

Lots of fiddler crabs and well maintained boardwalks. Definitely an easy walk or run.

really liked this trail great for everyone and lots of beautiful views.