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1 day ago

Super bummed with this trail. We left from the Oyster Point campground, and it was great for about .35mi...until it was completely washed out. No warning or notice from the trail start. Definitely had potential but poorly maintained and would have been nice to have a heads up that it was closed or something. Hopefully we will get an opportunity to try it again.

mountain biking
2 days ago

I completed this trail in the beginning of April on a mountain bike. I am new to mountain biking and found it was great for beginners. The trails were not marked the best but the views along the creek were absolutely gorgeous.

mountain biking
8 days ago

We rode the northern segment this morning. Definitely a woodsy trail with lots of surprises including sharp blind turns both up and down steep inclines over roots and drops---- i suggest wearing safety glasses due to growth overhang and morning spider webs. The trail is narrow but mostly firm with some loose sand, leaf and pine-straw cover, and exposed red clay. We saw 3 snakes within 1 mile--- none poisonous. We had a beginner with us and had to cut short soon after entering the south segment. Hope to be back soon.

Trail only accessible via MCAS Cherry Point--- military ID required or accompanied

Beautiful creek

Great trail! I needed a good area to walk my overly energetic dog, and this place offered more than enough to peak her interest!

A very easy walk with several vistas of the tidal marsh along the trail. Also, there are several walkovers with great views of the marsh and tributaries. Wildlife viewing depends on the time of day and year. Highlights from today's walk yielded great white and blue herons, a kingfisher going about his business and several passing ibis. I often visit this area for wildlife photography but was on a plein-air outing today. This is my favorite walk-about when in this area.

21 days ago

Great hike. Simple, well marked, and well kept. Some small wildlife if you don't mind sharing the trail (saw a snake, turtle, and a couple lizards) Definitely pack some bug spray though, and maybe wear some pants because ticks are heavy.

Badly marked trail. Not maintained very well. Lots of ticks.

Amazing hike did the whole thing even found a snake trying to eat some bird eggs

We chose this hike to get in a good 13 miles. Barely got 9 because of the impassable swamp at about mile 5. Disappointing. Started out great then got very muddy and became a mud puddle obstacle course which eventually lead to the swamp. It’d be nice if the trail was completely maintained with foot bridges like the first few miles. But alas it wasn’t and was disappointed.

good trail, if you do it on bike be prepared for some sand, its marked better than it used to be, i used to go about a mile or two past the trail into the forestry roads because i thought it was part of the trail! Could still use more markers on the yellow work in progress to orange trail. only saw one cub bear last fall, seemed like it was only passing through. have fun!

1 month ago

I walk portions of this trail a couple times a week. It is beautiful, and the periodic streams that cross the trail are great for the dogs. I did encounter a very large black bear crossing the Forest Road on the ride into Haywood Landing about a week ago, luckily I was in my truck at the time. Black bears do not tend to be aggressive so I have continued to hike the trail but with bear spray :)

Nice views and a good amount of secondary trails to explore

Great easy trail with awesome views.

I enjoyed in the cold weather, i dont think i would ever hike this when its warm out or bug season This section had some impressive boardwalks.

I enjoyed in the cold weather, i dont think i would ever hike this when its warm out or bug season. this section was very wet.

App didn’t follow trail but the views were pretty good and had Military jets flying over head a few times.

I enjoy this trail. It is dog friendly, and very easy. I, unfortunately, have only been able to go on the shorter section because of my wife, but it's a good trail for physical therapy. easy, small inclies, and you have the option to walk on sand or dirt almost the whole time.

Great trail decent hills for Eastern North Carolina. Trail is really easy to follow and well kept.

Beautiful sunny hike- would highly recommend!

So serene and relaxing!

2 months ago

Local beginner hiker and I just found this trail. I am in love. It is definitely muddy after the rain and I would not call it stroller or wheelchair friendly. Especially the northern section along the river. There is definitely erosion after the recent storms. Not that I minded any of that and can’t wait to do the entire trail. I like that I can hop on in several different areas when I am out solo and for just a few hours. Using my poles I got quite the workout even on the flat areas. Enjoy!!

Not a bad trail just not great. Could hear traffic just about the whole time.

Great trail to run in the colder months after hunting season and spring.

nice trail through woods and high grass dancing in the wind. Pond area was pretty but I wouldn't swim in it Lol. dark water from wood debris. kids enjoyed. We threw a foot ball all the way along the trail back and forth

3 months ago

Had a blast on this trail, it is very diverse in the different biomes that you experience. The northern half is very beautiful running along the beach for a few miles, it also has a good amount of elevation change. The southern half is a little easier however if you go after there has been rain be careful of mile 5-4 or 4-5, depending on the direction you are going, it is extremely wet and muddy. The camps are well spaced apart and are great spots to set up for the night.

Beautiful and relaxing. Very nice w the water and the wooden bridges

Nice as long as stay along beach. Went inland and the mosquitos were horrendous. and took wrong turn somewhere and ended up walking along road

3 months ago

Started at Pine Cliff rec area and went south. Between mile markers 6 and 4 sucked because there was very little solid ground to walk on. Once I got to the other end of that I saw the sign that said that area was closed until further notice. I saw nothing about that on any sites or other signs but it was all good. Broke the trip up over two days and a morning, Stayed at the Dogwood shelter first and hiked to the Blackjack shelter next. hiked to the end at Oyster Point campground following morning.

Went at end of fall colors with family. Flat and follows along the river so pretty and relaxing nature hike. Fall colors looked great reflecting in river

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