Nice little trail with a few spots that take a little effort to get through.

Great family hike!!! Wonderful for all ages...

This short hike was perfect. We just wanted to get out of car and stretch and do short hike. The trail forked towards the waterfall overlook and we were not sure which way to and there were no markings. We asked someone who was on way down and they told us to fork right and overlook up ahead.

some sticky areas but so worth it!

Great family friendly hike with enough elevation and terrain change to keep the loop interesting for everyone. The area around the falls had a multitude of large rocks that made for great picnicking with a beautiful 3 step falls to enjoy in the background! There is a pool of water big enough for several kids to play in, but I wouldn't consider it a swimming hole for adults...probably 3-4 foot deep at its max which shallows out rather and refreshing nonetheless!

Trail is fairly easy. A couple of creek crossings that require rock stepping or into the water. Falls are great. Would be great for swimming at bottom of falls.

Nice trail... some small creeks to pass, water was a little high got one foot wet but that why you wear trail running shoes, they dry super fast. Be careful on some steep narrow trails, had to hold on to my 4yr old son... nice falls at the end. Good family hike.

Easy hike. Trail nicely maintained and well marked. good for families. I was able to take my older dog and she enjoyed soaking in the creek as we neared the trailhead on our way back.

Great family day hike.

Great hike...must explore off the trail down the hill towards the falls to get your rewards.