Let me first say I enjoyed this trail greatly and will be retuning! The parking area is very small maybe enough room for 3 cars.
I could tell the trail had been heavily trafficked however we never saw another person until we returned to the parking lot. I do have a hard time relating this trail to easy. There are certainly several stretches of easy ground, however I think it should be noted that there are at least 10 downed trees in the middle of the trail ranging from small to large. One is so large it's split in half and you have to climb threw it. There is also a boulder cross over that is a little daunting. You do cross over the creek a few times and the rocks were a little sparse if you aren't interested in getting wet feet. I saw several red markings for the trail of you needed them.
The final reward of the falls is awesome. We perched up on one of the large rocks and had lunch while enjoying the sun and the falls. I'm sure people go swimming here when it's warmer. Enjoy!

Great family day hike.

Great hike...must explore off the trail down the hill towards the falls to get your rewards.

Thank god for this app, it definitely saved us from being lost out there!!!! Beautiful trail!!!

1 month ago

Awesome hike! Look for the turnout to the view, but be careful.

Was a nice afternoon , I think we might have not been on right trail as we never rally saw any falls

This was our first time out here and the conditions couldn't have been better. The trail was nice and dry, with gorgeous weather for November. I could see how it would be more technical if the roots/rocks were wet as some were already a little slick. Don't forget to bring along your poles or a solid stick to make creek crossings easier if you are rock-hopping. Definitely one that will be revisited again and again. This is a fantastic little day hike.


Great little hike.